How to Care for a Lightsaber

 How to Care for a Lightsaber

Having a custom lightsaber is a lot of fun. They come in every shape, size and design. You can have fun with your lightsaber, get into duels or display it as your favorite decoration. In fact, you can do it all. That said, if your lightsaber is going to see open air and fun use, you need to know how to take care of it. It’s easy to get dirt, scuffs and other marks on your beloved saber. These care tips are a general way to take care of your blade. Naturally, specific care details will depend on your lightsaber, but a few generalized tips won’t hurt.

Clean the Blade

If you have a lightsaber removable blade, this is a little easier. Pop the blade and clean it with water and alight agitator (like a washcloth). If you can’t remove the blade, the steps are similar, you need to be more careful that you don’t get water into the electronics.

In fact, you should avoid submerging any part of the lightsaber. There are too many components that could be ruined. Similarly, you want to avoid chemical cleaners. It’s easy to cause damage with cleaning agents, and it’s not worth the risk.

Instead, use your damp cloth. It will do great for removing dirt and marks. When you’re done, pop that removable lightsaber blade back into place.

Clean the Handle

Cleaning the handle is a little more involved. Most sabers have additional electrical components here, so you want to be careful. Cleaning a lightsaber handle is a lot like detailing a model. You want to use a gentle scrubbing agent (possibly even q tips) and no chemicals. Once you’re done polishing your lightsaber handle (although you don’t need actual polish), let it dry thoroughly before use.

Store it Properly

Lastly, when the saber isn’t in use, it needs to be stored. The key here is to avoid bending the blade in storage. That means that external stress is your enemy. While it’s easy to prop up the blade and store it standing, this is a mistake. Even a small amount of stress will add up over time and warp the blade. Instead, try to store it in a lying position with nothing pressing against it.

That’s really all it takes. If you have custom parts that require special care techniques, you’ll usually be informed of that when you purchase them. Always follow manufacturer advice. Other than that, feel free to enjoy your lightsaber as much as you can.

Danny White