How to Choose a Data Centre Construction Company?

 How to Choose a Data Centre Construction Company?

The needs of business infrastructure keep on changing. Now, more and more companies rely on a data centre construction company to satisfy their IT requirements.

But what does a data centre construction company do anyway? They are more than just a reliable facility with space, power, and network. They become a valuable extension to businesses since they provide a fast, nonstop operation for system deployments to prevent downtime. No wonders there are 8.4 million and counting data centres worldwide. Most companies choose to trust them and meet their IT needs.

Unfortunately, all of them are not the same. Some data centres are better than others, and only a few would suit your business. But to make sure your business would benefit in the long run, you should choose the right data centre construction company. Here, use the rest of the article as your guide to finding the right one.


What Are the Types of Data Centres You Need to Know?

Several things continue to change, and a data centre construction company is part of that. As a business owner who needs to rely on them the most, you should, at least, know the different types of data centres.

Knowing the differences between each type will help you figure out which one suits your business needs the most. As a result, your efforts and investment will not go to waste if you hire the right data centre construction company for your business. Plus, customers would trust and support your brand more.

To help you know which data centre construction company you need, read the rest of the article. Below are the types of data centres you should know.


1.   Enterprise Data Centres.

Most large businesses own this type of data centre and let their IT team handle it. They often choose this path since they want to have privacy and security of their own. However, they still outsource M&E when it comes to repair and maintenance. Take note that enterprise data centres often have ten cabinets upwards and can be as big as 40MW+. An example of these data centres is well-known companies like Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.

2.   Managed Hosting Providers.

A third party often runs this type of data centre on behalf of a business. That means they do not own the data centre. That business only rents the IT tools and equipment to meet their IT requirements with the help of the data centre. They only lease within a specific time when their business has IT infrastructure needs to satisfy right away.

3.   Colocation Data Centres.

This data centre construction company is different from the first two since they sell space, equipment, and network within specific locations. They also offer technical guidance for those businesses who do not know what IT requirements they need. Additionally, you would often find colocation data centres in the suburbs of cities, and that is why it can house a hundred to thousands of customers.

4.   Hyperscale Data Centres.

Another type of data centre is hyperscale. This one often has large and scalable facilities that provide massive IT infrastructure needs. That is why large companies often find this data centre attractive.

Even though large companies can build this type of data centre themselves, leasing offers more flexibility and speed rate to the market.

5.   Edge Data Centres.

Out of all the data centres, this one recently emerged and became a part of the data centres industry. They usually have smaller facilities spread across smaller areas of a region. As such, this data centre has a lower latency connection from the end-user. They also often reduce traffic on fibre cable wires.

See, there are a lot of data centres. In any case, you have no clue which one suits your business the most, consider seeking help. Ask a data centre construction company if they are the right one for you. For sure, their views and opinions would help you decide if they are indeed the one.


What Are the Factors of Choosing a Data Centre Construction Company?

Now that you have a general idea of which data centre construction company you should hire for your business, you are now more or less ready to choose a reliable solution partner. But if you still have no clue how you should start your partnership with them soon, then keep on reading.

Here are some of the factors you should consider as you begin your search for a data centre construction company. Use the factors listed below to your advantages and know if they are the provider you can rely on even in the future.


1.   Be Choosy About the Site Location.

Time is money. That is why the location of a data centre construction company matters. If it is too far away from your office, you will lose some of its benefits. One of which is the internet speed. The farther it gets, the slower the internet connection becomes.

That happens due to the cable wires that the data centre uses. It can only maintain its signal within a specific distance. For copper ones, it will lose its signal around 330 feet, while the signal fibre cables have no problem, even after having 25 miles distance from your office.

2.   Offer Power and Cooling Service.

Like humans, tools and equipment used in data centres also overheat. That is why they have lots of cooling HVAC to keep the temperature in check. As such, there will be less downtime like power loss. Fret not since most of their cooling HVAC have Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. This feature acts as a generator that saves everything right away.

3.   Tour Its Site Location.

Seeing the facility of the data centre construction company gives you peace of mind. Since you know much about what tools and equipment they use, that lessens your worries about what they can do for your business.

4.   Render In-House Remote Hands.

When choosing a data centre construction company, make sure that they offer this service. It will help your business a lot in case something urgent happens and requires an immediate solution. If your chosen one said yes, ask them if it is a third-party or something they do remotely in their facility.

Take note that the latter is better. Not only is it cheaper, but that date centre can handle your business’ downtime around the clock.

5.   Provide an Emergency Backup.

A reliable facility can identify any failure and find ways to mitigate the risks. As mentioned above, one of those is downtime, like power loss. They can provide emergency power when an outage happens. As such, your employees would have more time to save their work and not lose data.

6.   Credible Reputation.

As you would when purchasing desktop computers for your office, do your research to find out what reputation the data centre construction company has. Even though no one is perfect, reading customer reviews will give you so many ideas. You will know about what you can expect from them, such as how they handle issues.

You can do more than these if you want the right data centre construction company easily. By doing so, your business would have more chances to partner with a reliable solution partner. But make sure not to overdo it since there is no one perfect, and it might take you forever, and you can still find what you are looking for.


What Are the Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Data Centre Construction Company?

Managing the online activities of customers is a vital part of all businesses. Doing it the right way assures that you are staying ahead of your competitors, and your customers would have an excellent experience while browsing your website.

But as a company grows, managing the online activities of customers become complex. As a business owner, it would have been hard for you to manage this while promoting your products and services at once.

There might be situations where customers would leave your website since they have been waiting for more than three seconds. To solve this matter, you should consider hiring a data centre construction company. You will be able to provide better and quality customer service.

Though before hiring any data centre construction company, take note not to commit these common mistakes.


1.   Being Too Narrow in Research.

Not having a diverse list of candidates is one of the biggest mistakes businesses often make when hiring a data centre construction company. Little did they know that having several choices allows you to find a better and suitable solution partner for your business.

2.   No Making the Objectives Clear.

A healthy relationship with a data centre construction company must start with clear communication. It is necessary, so there will be no misunderstanding between both parties. As such, you would know what things they can do for you.

To do that, both of you should agree on one thing before you hire them. Here are just a few both of you should have an agreement.

  • How do we communicate our concerns to one another?
  • What mode of payments do you accept?
  • How will you report the progress to us?

3.   Finding the Cheapest Provider Available.

Hiring a data centre construction company is never an easy process. It is all about finding the right one in the shortest time possible while sticking to a budget. But even if that is the case, you should still mind their competence. Can that provider help your business? Are they capable of delivering quality work? Take note that those who offer the cheapest service do not often produce a quality outcome.

4.   Rushing to Make Decisions.

Though you need an expert that meets your IT requirements, it is still necessary to do your due diligence in the hiring process. Otherwise, you might hire the wrong data centres for your business.

To find the right data centre construction company, ask the right questions and listen to their answers very well.  Most of all, take your time before making a choice.

5.   Paying Services Upfront.

The problem with this is that the data centre may not do their job well since they already got their payment. That is why instead of paying the entire amount, consider settling in half and provide them with the other half once your request is complete. Doing so would motivate them to work harder and provide a quality outcome.

6.   Failure to Get Agreement into Writing.

Try not to let this happen, or you will get surprised about the amount you have to pay later on. Therefore, before you make a deal, ask the data centre construction company to write everything down on paper. Make sure you have both the hard and soft copies of the contract. These documents will help you a lot if something happens and you want to file a complaint.

There you go! These are some of the common mistakes businesses make when hiring a data centre construction company. Make sure when it is your turn to hire one, avoid all of these at all cost! Doing so would help your business in the long run as you will deliver better customer service to your customers.


Your Takeaway!

Hiring the right data centre construction company indeed bears all the burden of daily operations. Without them, you might have to spend days securing valuable information to improve your output and redo them again if the result did not match. Apart from the wasted time and effort, it would be hard for you to manage your customers’ online activities on your website. Therefore, do yourself a favour and hire a data centre construction company. You can rely on them more than you can ever imagine.

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