How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

 How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you give it a go with an in-house team or employ a digital marketing agency, having and effective marketing strategy in the digital world is vital for success. While there are numerous ways to approach gaining traction with your intended audience, here are a few areas that must be addressed.

Determine Your Goals

Declare clear objectives for your campaign, and this can include goals of building a subscriber list, gaining sales, generating leads or establishing greater brand recognition. With a defined focus, your strategy will begin to fall into alignment with the next steps.

Understand the Sales Funnel in the Digital World

The goal of marketing is typically to drive potential customers deeper into the ‘funnel,’ a term that represents the various steps buyers will move through in order to get to the point of purchase. These steps include:

  • Discovery—Individuals hear about your brand.
  • Consideration—Users research and consider your brand.
  • Purchase—Users become willing to purchase from you.
  • Loyalty—Clients are loyal to your brand and may advocate for your products.

You’ll want to customize your digital marketing strategy to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your audience at each stage of the funnel.

Develop Buyer Personas

Use Facebook’s Audience Insights and Google Analytics tools to help you develop precise buyer personas. Your strategy is to understand these personas and what motivates them to keep them moving along the funnel.

Know Where Users are in the Funnel

Evaluate organic and paid marketing channels to see which are most commonly used. Determine how they’re being used and reshape your strategy as needed to home in on those channels more effectively.

Implement Guidelines or Consult a Digital Marketing Agency

It’s time to tie everything together and start reaching your overall goals. If you struggle to capture your audience or keeping them in the funnel, a digital marketing agency can offer customized assistance specific to your site and customer’s needs.



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