How to Find Reliable Handyman

 How to Find Reliable Handyman

There are countless examples of encounters gone wrong between an owner and a handyman abound. Scams, poor workmanship, lack of qualifications, exorbitant and unjustified cost: so many unpleasant surprises that we try to avoid. Here is a non-exhaustive list of five tips for selecting a serious professional plumber.

Check the specialization of your handyman

During your research, you have surely realized that the handyman profession comes in several specialties. From the traditional handyman to the plumber-heating engineer, including the full-service plumber, above all choose the professional suited to the work to be carried out.

Know the difference between a handyman competent in sanitary installation or in heating systems, and a handyman expert in renewable energy. Likewise, repair and installation do not involve the same know-how. In order to choose the best handyman services you will have to check wisely and have a proper idea in your mind as what is your expectation from the professional. Then only you can expect the best results.

Make sure your handyman has the skills you expect

First of all, be aware that the plumber’s profession is regulated. This means that no one can claim to be a handyman without recognized training and validated by an independent expert body overseen by the state. Do not hesitate to request the diploma certifying his status from the plumber, or inquire with the institutions providing information in full transparency.

Request multiple quotes

Know that the quote is in a way your anti-scam insurance. It is essential to be able to compare the services and prices of handymen. The document must be detailed, dated and contain the name, address and code of the professional, the nature and quantity of the parts installed, the unit price, the total price, the applicable VAT rate, the duration of the warranty , the cost of labor and travel, response times, and whether or not the estimate is free. Note that for any sum greater than 150 euros including tax, the professional handyman is required to provide you with a quote.

Pay attention to the hourly rate

The price of a handyman fluctuates depending on your geographic region, or the nature of the intervention. However, even in the event of an emergency or troubleshooting, consider asking for rates before having the handyman come. This process is not always easy to put into practice, since it requires a precise diagnosis of the problem. Take the opportunity to ask for the level of travel costs and labor costs at the same time. Do not rush and take the time in spite of everything to question several professionals, which will allow you to cross-check the various information and to make the most judicious choice possible.

Claim a deadline guarantee and insurance

Check that your handyman has professional liability insurance and a ten-year guarantee, both compulsory. Likewise, note that he has an obligation of result, so he must solve the problem for which you have commissioned him. Finally, note that a serious handyman will offer you a minimum one-year warranty on the equipment installed.