How to Clean Furniture

 How to Clean Furniture

We all love our furniture, but it can be hard to clean it so it looks newer. Furniture is an expensive product, so when you have purchased it, you might not be looking forward to change it any time soon. So to keep it looking new, you need to clean it and maintain it. You can get furniture repair Atlanta services to mend your furniture if it is damaged. If your furniture is only dirty, here are some useful methods that can help you clean it up.


A vacuum cleaner is a dust sucking machine that is mostly used to clean carpets. However, it can clean furniture as effectively as it cleans carpets. You need to clean all the sides of your furniture carefully. You can also vacuum the cushions and backside of your sofas; however, washing the cushion covers is the best method to get them clean. Vacuum cleaning is useful if your furniture has caught dust, but it is not an effective method to clean stains and spots.

Read Instruction Manual

When you purchase furniture, an instruction manual is given with directions for cleaning methods that you can use for a particular furniture piece. The cleaning instructions mostly have signs like W, S, WS, and X. W means that you can only use a water-based detergent for cleaning. The furniture that is tagged S can be cleaned with dry cleaning solvents. WS means that you can use both the previously mentioned methods. X means that you can’t clean it at home. You need to hire furniture cleaning professional. It is essential to follow the instruction manual because it ensures longer life of the furniture as wrong cleaning methods can do more harm than good to your furniture.

Water-Based Cleaners

You can purchase water-based cleaners for your furniture. You can also make your water-based furniture cleaner at home by mixing a few drops of dishwashing liquid, one tablespoon of vinegar, and half a teaspoon of baking soda in a spray bottle. Ensure that you first test the fluid by rubbing it with the sponge on a less visible spot of your furniture. If it works well, you can clean your entire sofa with it. After cleaning turn on the fan, air will allow your furniture to dry faster. 

Mild Soap and Water

If your furniture is made up of leather, you can clean the spots using mild soap and water. Ensure that you clean the furniture with a cloth or sponge and don’t try to wash it. If your leather furniture has tough spots that do not get off with mild soap, you can try using vinegar solution, alcohol swab, or lemon solution. After cleaning the spots, you can make your leather furniture look shiner by rubbing it gently with vinegar and linseed oil solution. You can also use leather cream to re-moisturize your leather sofa to avoid its surface from cracking. You also need to ensure that your leather furniture is away from direct sunlight and heat as they can damage it.

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