How to Maintain Your Fishing Reels and Rods Properly?

 How to Maintain Your Fishing Reels and Rods Properly?

All your fishing rods/reels are among the most important fishing tools, therefore you must know how you should maintain them in proper working order. You will always never like to lose your trophy fish catch just because of either a frozen reel/broken rod tip.

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The following are a few tips to maintain all your fishing reels and rods that you must be regularly using while going on 0a fishing expedition.

  • Never leave your tools in the garage

Avoid leaving your fishing rods inside the garage. Once the temperature gets dropped any dampness present around your gear may cause baits and gear components to rust.

  • Store them in warm areas

Always store your entire fishing gear inside the home particularly in a warm place. Your warm bedroom closet is great for keeping all your tackle until your next season.

  • Leave all your tools in an open dry area after your outing

After the last outing, make sure that you leave your entire tackle trays/boxes fully exposed to a dry warm place. All the water present inside the tray and wet baits will evaporate.

  • Loosen the tension

Loosen all the drag tension totally off of your reels. Don’t leave your drag under a tight setting unnecessarily for many months.

  • Keep the rods straight on the boat

While carrying all your rods on the boat it is always better to put them in a straight position.

  • Rinse with warm water

Offer a quick rinse to your reels under very warm water for 8 to 10 seconds, by turning it around.

  • Wipe after rinsing

After you rinse with warm water, you must wipe it with dry clothes.

  • Blow dry air

You can also blow dry air for keeping it fully dried.

  • Apply TLC with oil

You may offer to your reels TLC along with few oil drops. After 24 – 48 hours, add a little moisture.

  • Store them on boxes

For storing your entire fishing gear make sure that it will not bend the rods. Also, the components must not rub against each other.

The following are a few tools essential for proper maintenance/care of fishing tackle.

  1. Fishing Reel Greaser
  2. Reel oil needed for maintenance
  3. Reel guard oil
  4. Grease spray set
  5. Hex Driver
  6. Reel-guard grease spray
  7. Performance drag grease
  8. Ball-bearing lubricant
  9. Bait-casting spool

While fishing, always you must keep your pliers handy as they are perfect for unhooking fish, modifying lures, adjusting hooks, and also taking care of many other fishing emergencies. You must always carry a sharpener/ hook hone for sharpening your hooks when you are fishing.

Danny White