How to prevent injuries in children

 How to prevent injuries in children

Small injuries are happening to all kids every day no matter where they are. They could be injured in PE lessons, practicing sports activities or spending time at home. Some of the injuries may cause more serious problems when growing up. If you take Erste Hilfe Kurs München you observe some helping tips to prevent injuries:

  • Wearing protective equipment (helmets, protective cups) while going in for sports or having a ride must be important.
  • Increase flexibility before playing by exercising
  • Have a break to refresh your body
  • Stop the activity immediately if pain appears
  • Drink plenty of water when exercising
  • When it is hot or humid, stop intensive training
  • Try wearing comfortable clothes which contain cotton fabric 

Dealing with serious injuries

Taking asb erste hilfe kurs München grants appropriate information on giving first aid with serious wounds too. You have to be ready to distinguish these symptoms to call for help right away:

  • An injury that doesn’t stop bleeding
  • A long deep cut
  • Swelling and redness around the injury
  • A wound feels numb
  • An injured part of the body is misshaped
  • Serious injuring of face or head
  • Strong pain that causes trouble with breathing or bent

It would be positive to obtain a first aid kit to keep all the needed tools in one place. The small one to put in your car and the more equipped one to leave at home. You will be ready to provide first aid points before an ambulance comes if the injury is serious. Proper use of health care options from a first aid kit may be time-saving and efficient. Make sure that these items are included: adhesive and butterfly bandages, gauze packages, ice packs, painkillers, and adhesive tape. To be well-equipped and well-prepared is of high importance.

Daniel Donny