How to Tell if The Pipes in Your Home are Damaged

 How to Tell if The Pipes in Your Home are Damaged

Plumbing is one of the most important parts of your house – and if something goes undiagnosed for too long, it could also be the biggest disaster for your house. If you think you might have damaged pipes in your home, you should consult a plumbing expert before things go wrong. Take a look at some of these tips to tell for yourself before calling the pro.

Plumbing Leaks

The first telltale sign is plumbing leaks. You could find this by seeing puddles on the floor, hearing dripping, or feeling water along the walls. Leaks are one of those things that go downhill quickly; a small leak can turn into a large leak really fast if you don’t get ahead of it.

Stains from Leaks

An accompanying sign is seeing stains. These are most likely going to be on your ceiling or wall since that’s where your plumbing runs.

Water stains would look like dark stains that you don’t remember seeing. Stains are like smoke when it comes to fire – where there’s a stain, there’s often a leak. Where there’s a leak, there’s a problem.


This is a less known symptom to look for when it comes to finding damaged pipes in your house. If you look at your plumbing pipes, they should be smooth and have a uniform color. If they are flakey or have dimples on them, that means that corrosion has started eating up your pipes.

Corrosion comes around when your water’s acid content is high. Not only are your pipes failing, but your water could be affecting your health.

Failing plumbing can be one of the most expensive repairs in your house. You can’t afford to let leaks, stains, or dimpling go unattended because more often than not it will lead to catastrophic failure. Having a trusted plumbing professional look at your pipes could save you a ton of money.

Danny White