Hypospadias Repair Techniques

 Hypospadias Repair Techniques


Throughout the world there are several types of illnesses and conditions that can make one’s life fairly difficult. Some of the said conditions are quite common and can easily be dealt with. Others are quite rare where only a very small handful have. While even in rare cases such a condition or illness can possibly be treated, it can prove to be hard and quite expensive depending on the situation. 

There are many conditions that people have not heard of which can make the process with trying to treat it a complicated situation. One of these conditions that is found out to be quite rare would be Hypospadias. This is the condition to where the urethra is now fully developed. The opening is instead found on the underside of the penis. This can make the process of urination difficult for many along with other obstacles that one may face with this rare condition. This condition is said to be more in common for families that have had a family history with this condition. 

Aside from an abnormal urinary process, physical deformity of the penis as well as sexual dysfunction are other effects of having this condition. Though this condition is rare there are surgeries for it. Hypospadias surgery is to be recommended toward infants with this condition at 18 months old or less. It would be wise for any parents to get their child surgery at a young age to avoid any issues with the condition as the child gets older. While this condition does not appear to be life threatening it may cause an abundance of issues for the individual if not dealt with quickly and handled in a proper manner. 

When going into Hypospadias surgery there is a lot to expect and a lot to prepare for. However, it should be an easy process when in the hands of a professional surgeon. One of the first steps within this surgery is for the surgeon to try and straighten out the penis. Many tend to have a curve penis under this condition and this would need to be properly fixed. How this is done is a circular incision is made around the skin of the penis. This occurs right under the coronal groove. When the skin is carefully removed from the shaft , the surrounding tissue’s tethering band’s become more loose and aid in straightening the penis. This is one of the many methods that surgeons use to assist in straightening out the penis, properly repairing the pulled skin once completed of course. 

Once this process is done, months later another surgery is scheduled to tubularize the urethra from the underside of the penis. Surgeons will try to often tubularize the urethra plate as the main repair of the condition if it can be preserved. This process aids in giving more functional results for the patient rather than using skin and other material as the substitute for the urethra. 

There are of course a number of other operations surgeons can use to properly remove the underside urethra and make the patient penis properly function, though it is usually decided among the surgeons. When the surgery is completed a tube is left within the newly formed urethra. The tube allows easy access or urinating while the tissue and skin begin to heal. For the first few weeks swelling is to be expected with the penis and if there should be any drainage issue, contacting the doctor is crucial. Though this condition is rare there are practical methods to handle and solve this issue right.


Clare Louise