Is it true that honey acts as a cancer shield?

 Is it true that honey acts as a cancer shield?

It has been proven that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that have taken the lives of many people almost every year. Numerous reasons are there that can trigger cancer, and among them, your lifestyle choices are also one of them.

There is a well-known statement – ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ So, many of us try to keep us away from cancer-causing agents. But, we forget that Mother Nature has given us lots of things to provide us the solution. Among them, raw honey is one of the ingredients that is known for its anti-cancer properties.

Before knowing how honey can help in treating cancer, firstly, it is essential to know about cancer. In one sentence, cancer is a condition in which your cells turn against you, resulting in the uncontrolled growth of human cells. Cancer does not occur in a week; it generally happens gradually and gets detected when cancerous cells cross a limit.

How can honey help?

Honey is well-acknowledged for its anti-proliferative properties. Cancerous cells are known to get multiplied in an uncontrolled manner. As per the research, honey affects the multiplication rate of cancerous cells. There will be a steep decrease in the malignant cells multiplications when Manuka honey is given with Wild Flower Honey. The result occurred due to the phenolic compounds present in the honey and, thus, happened as an excellent shield for cancer.

The researchers also checked whether the combination of sucrose, glucose, and fructose likewise in honey acts similar to it. Well, the result comes out to be harmful as they don’t show any effect on cancerous cells.

Like always, raw honey is considered as real honey, which is enriched with lots of nutrients along with phenolic compounds, which is magical.

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