Keep Your Pet Happy While on Travel

 Keep Your Pet Happy While on Travel

What comes to your mind first when you think of travelling with your family? Lots of fun and adventure waiting for everyone, right? But why should your pet stay behind with home-visiting sitters or in catteries and kennels? You consider your pet like family. If that’s the case, they have equal rights to go on vacation with you. Many pet owners think that taking their pets means added trouble and discomfort. This guide will help you find ways to keep your pet happy while travelling.

Comforting your pet

Would you like to travel in a car where you are always cramping for space? No, you wouldn’t. Similarly, your pet will appreciate it if you arrange a comfortable bed for the journey. For example, if you go on a road trip, you can keep the bed in the back. Spread it on the backseat when your pet wants to sleep. Make sure you close the glasses. You can also carry your pet’s crate if you have enough space in your car. Your pet will know that you are around. That is the most comforting feeling for them.

Treating them with toys

Every good pet owner pampers their pets with tons of toys. Bring as many toys as possible to keep your pet happy. They may get bored, staring out through the window of your car. But when they have their favourite toys around, they can spend hours without disturbing you or your family. You can also bring food treats along to keep your pet’s enthusiasm going. Carry dry pet food UK like biscuits so that they don’t stay hungry for long periods.

Taking occasional breaks

Make it a thumb rule to take breaks every two years. Pets become tired during long trips. You need to understand their comfort zone also. Stopping after two hours will allow them to take a leak. Most importantly, your pet needs to stretch now and then from affordable pet care. Sitting for hours will make them irritated. You can even play fetch the ball while taking a break. It not only keeps your pet active but makes you exercise your muscles also.

Stay in pet-friendly hotels

You should check this thing before travelling. If you want to take your pet along, make sure you stay in a pet-friendly hotel. Most holiday destinations have a few hotels that allow guests to keep their pets in their rooms. Most importantly, your pet won’t stay calm if you keep him/her in a separate room. It’s almost like deserting him/her at home in a kennel or cattery.

Research the hotels thoroughly before booking. You can also call and ask the authorities about their pet policies. Pet-friendly hotels will also allow you to sleep comfortably without constantly thinking about your pet. Moreover, you will find other travellers with their pets. Allow your pet to mingle with them while you enjoy indoors.

It isn’t a big deal to keep your pet happy while travelling. All you need to do is take care of them throughout the journey.

Clare Louise