Look for the Perfect Legal Solutions Now

 Look for the Perfect Legal Solutions Now

Your choice is completely free. See the list of Shoplifting Lawyer Overland Park registered with the bar attached to the court before which the case is being tried. You can obtain it from the registry or on the website of the National Bar Council. 

  • Depending on the nature of your case, you can go through a specialist lawyer for example in personal law (family, inheritance, etc.), real estate law (co-ownership, expropriation, etc.), criminal law, etc. 
  • The list of specialties is exhaustive and fixed by the Ministry of Justice. Only lawyers holding a specialty certificate issued by the National Bar Council can state a specialization and present themselves as “lawyer specializing in” or “legal counsel in”
  • You can change lawyers has almost the first consultation. If you are not satisfied or if a relationship of trust has not been established, you can consult one or more others. Check the amount of fees that the professional will charge for this first appointment, possibly without follow-up.

You can also change lawyers during the procedure. You must inform him of your wish to terminate his assignment by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Specify how you will collect the file (for example, directly at his office). You will receive in response the amount of fees to be paid for what he has already achieved. Your new lawyer will only take over your case after having checked the payment of these fees (code of ethics). 

How are lawyers’ fees set?

The lawyer freely fixes the amount of his fees. Agree with him on the amount during the first meeting and before entrusting him with your business. It is strongly recommended to sign an agreement.

Fees can be calculated in three ways

Fixed price: the amount is fixed in advance. No excess can be invoiced without the agreement of the customer. This choice is suitable for simple cases for which the lawyer immediately assesses his workload (for a divorce by mutual consent, for example).

Time spent: the lawyer then sets an hourly rate (from € 100 to € 450 per hour); he must tell you, as precisely as possible, the time he will devote to the file.

As a result: you will not be able to pay the lawyer solely on the results. It is prohibited by law. The fee agreement may provide, for example, for a fixed sum supplemented by a percentage of the sums obtained by judgment.

You must add costs: the expenses incurred by the lawyer for the procedure (for example, bailiff’s costs).

When to pay them?

In general, at each stage of the procedure, the lawyer will ask you for a portion of the fees.

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