Low Traffic vs. High Traffic Turf

 Low Traffic vs. High Traffic Turf

Artificial turf can serve the functions of regular, naturally-grown turf. This means that some of it is meant to be stepped on. However, the type of turf that you use would highly depend on the foot traffic. As you go about selecting the type of turf necessary for your area, you need to think about how many people you expect to walk in the area. Artificial turf can be durable, but the durability varies depending on the types of areas for which they are designed. Below, you can find more info on foot traffic and the types of turf that may be right for you.

What Is a High Traffic Area?

Foot traffic takes into account how many people are walking around. A high traffic area is a place where many people are expected to step on the grass. For example, one can expect many children to be playing around a playground. Thus, this would be considered a high traffic area. Any green that is used for playing sports would also be considered a high traffic area, whether it be for golf or for football. The park, which is attended by all sorts of people and their families and pets, would definitely be in this category. A low traffic area would have significantly fewer people stepping on the grass. So when obtaining artificial turf, it is important to take into account how many people you expect to be stepping on it.

Low Foot Traffic

For areas with low foot traffic, Premium 52 is a good product. As one can tell from the name, it weighs 52oz. It also has a height of 1.38 inches, which is shorter than one should expect from turf designed for high foot traffic. Since fewer feet are expected to step upon it, this turf is designed to be very soft, which is to be expected since it does not have as much durability, given the type of area that it is meant to be placed. It is made of polyethylene, which looks just as natural as any healthy, normally grown lawn.

High Foot Traffic

For areas that can expect high foot traffic, one might want to go further up with the Premium 59. With a height of two inches, this turf is a little bit of a leap in measurements compared to the Premium 52. The 59 is actually made out of polyurethane, a different material. While it is soft, it has more durability, making it an ideal choice for sports fields and landscapes.

Depending on the type of turf, pets might want to use them. For areas in which pets may do their business, one can consider the Platinum Pet option. While its weight is 77oz, its height is shorter at 1.25 inches so that it is easier to clean up after a pet. The polyethylene fibers are strong enough to withstand high foot traffic.

Choose Wisely

Again, one should consider the amount of foot traffic when they are trying to decide what type of artificial turf to acquire. While the aforementioned products may suffice depending on the situation, there are others that one can look into purchasing. You can get in touch with US Turf if you want to learn more about their products. Any questions that you have about different types of turf that may be suitable for your area can be answered by them. So if you are still not quite sure what you want to get, you have a good resource to provide you with assistance.

Paul Petersen