Malaga’s Airport Has You Covered

 Malaga’s Airport Has You Covered

2020 is already coming to an end, and yet it appears that COVID is not ready to go yet. While it is true that restrictions have been lifted little by little during this last quarter, the comings and goings of waves of contagion are the main factor that has prevented this from being the quarter of economic recovery that was forecast (and needed) .

However, with or without a virus, the truth is that the most urgent and strict state of quarantine has remained several months in the past, giving rise to a state in which although there are restrictions and cares to take into account for the protection of the population and prevention of contagions, activities have been resumed slowly and cautiously but progressively.

Malaga of course could not be left behind in this regard. This is not only one of the most tourist cities in the Spanish territory, but it is also one of the whole of Europe, and that is why a special effort has been made to the commercial and touristic health of the city.

Do not ever forget your papers and medical exams when you enter the city!

In the case of international travel, citizens from a country or risk zone must have a diagnostic test with a negative result, carried out within 72 hours prior to arrival in Spain. Travelers arriving at Malaga airport have to go to the control windows, where there are some signs with the legend foreign health authority.

If travelers do not carry the test results with them, for which they can be sanctioned, they will have to take the antigen test at the airport, where they will obtain the result of the test within a period of approximately one hour.

After you’ve been through all of that arduous process, taking public transportation can actually backfire. This is why one of the most important recommendations is to avoid confinement for periods of time with a large number of strangers.

It is under this circumstance that transfer services have become so well known in Malaga. While these might be a bit pricey for some, it turns out that there is a wide selection of these available for users with different budgets and needs. Just search Malaga airport transfer to find a wide selection menu.

While the excitement of a tour packed with other tourists will not be one of the memories of the season, the pleasant experience of fast and private transportation can still prevail over the rest.

Paul Watson