The work-life routine of entrepreneur Alex Mendieta

 The work-life routine of entrepreneur Alex Mendieta

We went in search of the best routines out there for working life. It began at the top with billionaires like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs, and innumerable others. Nevertheless, we realised that we needed someone our readers will be able to relate with and understand. This is why we wanted to go ahead with Alex Mendieta and their notable work hard play hard ethic.

In several interviews, Alex Mendieta explained how over the years, he worked on his work schedule to let himself work for about 70 hours a week. Going to the gym three days a week, going out for dinner four nights a week, party like a rockstar, and take a day off without breaking a sweat. Now, how does he manage to bring it all together? Here’s what you would love to know.

Breaking down the routine

Alex starts the week with an eagerness to finish off most of his duties and fulfil all the necessary activities. He believes the work done from Monday to Wednesday lays down the ground for how the rest of the week will pan out. Hence, he starts at his office at 10:00 am, and work goes on as late as 01:30 am the next day. He takes the nights to hit the gym and lift weights, which takes around 45 minutes.

Here’s another fun fact – he takes both lunch and dinner in the office and ensures he does not need more than 10 minutes to commute between work and home. His day ends at 02:00 am.

On Thursday, he works from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm, followed by dinner and drinks. He makes sure to hit the bed by 01:00 am.

Friday is where he takes command of his personal life and gets ready for a big night, featuring dinner. He starts work at 10:00 am and takes off by 06:00 pm.

Work on Saturday is usually late and brief, lasting about four hours. If the weather allows, he takes his boat out, settles in for an afternoon nap, and spends the evening having fun and partying.

Sunday means relaxation, hanging out with friends, spending time on the boat, etc. Lunch hours are not strict. However, he is always up for a chill evening with some red wine during dinner.

By now, you must have noticed how he works about 70 hours a week and still makes time for himself. It’s among the best routines we have come across.

Alex spoke to Men’s Health and emphasized the importance of the first three days of the week. He likes to cram them with activity and push his limits. To quote him, “Getting older has allowed me to really appreciate the time we have and to squeeze every minute out of it. We cannot stop working hard, or we will not get to our financial goals, yet I want to have lots of fun”.

You might also note how he keeps commute times to a minimum. Work is 10 minutes away while the gym is 3 minutes from his place. It shows how the routine is what you need to save money and make money.