Natural Facials vs Acne

 Natural Facials vs Acne

Acne is one of those words that few people ever want to hear. Unfortunately, it’s a rite of passage for most teens, and can continue to be problematic for adults – with outbreaks occurring well up to the age of 40 and beyond. In fact, some estimates suggest that more than half of all Americans experience adult acne on an occasional or semi-regular basis. Many of those adults turn to the same type of anti-acne skincare products they were familiar with during their teen years. Unfortunately, those products may be making things worse. In fact, natural facial care experts believe that natural facials using organic ingredients may just be the best solution for your acne needs.

Studies have confirmed the negative impact that repeated use of chemical-based products can have on your skin’s overall health. Many of the most common products used for acne treatment can contain harsh ingredients that are designed to remove excess oil and dry the skin. While those ingredients are effective and can remove excess moisture that can lead to oily buildups and acne breakouts, their effect can be even more dramatic – and anything but beneficial for long-term skin health.

Here’s the main problem: your skin needs some oil and even bacteria to remain in optimal health. If a product removes all that healthy oil, it dries out the outer dermal layers of skin and provokes a natural response from your body. Unfortunately, that means that oil glands are stimulated to produce even more oil to restore the natural balance. But since that outer skin layer has been left dry and flaky, the oil ends up getting trapped inside – and, as we all know, that can result in additional acne breakouts.

Why Natural Facials Are Superior

With natural facials, however, your skin is not subjected to harsh chemicals that disrupt its natural balance. Because a spa facial uses organic ingredients specifically chosen for their gently impact on the skin, you can rest assured that the natural acne inflammatory response won’t be triggered. Instead, those organic ingredients act to stimulate the body’s own systems to achieve its natural balance.

While those chemical products can cause dry skin and flaking that can prevent oil from doing its job, natural care opens the pores. Its hydrating ingredients provide the moisturizing boost your skin needs to maintain optimal health and stimulates your body’s own moisturizing systems. In addition, those organic ingredients contain vital nutrients that can bolster skin health at the cellular level – which ensures that those cells effectively maintain your healthy skin long after you leave the spa.

Adult acne is something that many people face, but they no longer need to remain at its mercy. Today’s spa professionals are more keenly aware of the benefits of natural care than ever before, and they have the solutions you need to achieve and maintain optimal skin health. So, when you’re looking for an acne solution that offers real promise for healthier, cleaner skin, the best natural facial care services in Fort Lauderdale can provide the answers you need.