Seven Things to Avoid When You Have Lash Extensions

 Seven Things to Avoid When You Have Lash Extensions

Regular eyelash extension wearers understand that there are things they need to do to take care of their extensions properly. Many new extension wearers, however, often struggle with uncertainty when it comes to the dos and don’ts of these wonderful beauty enhancements. Unfortunately, that uncertainty can make an otherwise wonderful experience more than a little confusing. To help you better understand your lash care needs, here are seven things to avoid when you have lash extensions.

Water, Moisture, and Heat in the First 24-Hours

This is part of your aftercare instructions, but it bears repeating: that first twenty-four period after an application is critical for your extensions’ success. The adhesive needs time to firmly set and secure the extensions, so avoid any water or excessive moisture, as well as steam and high temperatures. That’s the best way to avoid any unpleasant mishaps.

Sleeping on Your Face

If you’re one of those people who tends to roll over onto her face while sleeping, try using a pillow to prevent that from happening. Sleeping on your face could cause your lashes to bend or even fall out – and none of us want to see that happen, right?

Oil-Based Facial Products

There are a whole host of oil-based facial products out there, and you should avoid them all! That oil can potentially weaken the adhesive that holds your extensions in place, so it’s better to use oil-free creams and lotions to avoid that possibility.

Lash Trimming

Do you like to trim your lashes every now and then? Well, don’t try it with your lash extensions. If you decide that they’re too long, then simply choose another length when you get them replaced. Trimming could cause them to break, which could ruin a perfectly good set of extensions.

Mechanical Lash Curlers

The same principle holds true for those mechanical lash curlers. If you must curl your lashes, use a hand curler and be very gentle with them. Concentrate on giving them a gentle lift, and don’t get too extreme.

Excessive Touching

One bad habit that needs to be avoided is also one of the most common: touching your lashes. Yes, we know they’re irresistible, and you just want to feel them every now and then. Just remember that they’re not there to be twisted, pulled on, or otherwise touched. If you want to keep them on your lashes, keep your hands away from them as much as possible.


Finally, we get to the most controversial topic: mascara. As a rule, the thing to remember here is that most women with lash extensions won’t need mascara, because the extensions will provide real length and volume. And since mascara simply creates the illusion of length and volume, it becomes unnecessary. Moreover, mascara needs to be applied and removed, which means that you’ll be handling your lashes unnecessarily.

Besides, one of the reasons you probably opted for the best lash extensions in New York City is that you wanted to get away from that tired, dull, makeup routine. So, skip the mascara and rely on your perfect lashes to provide all the dramatic flare you need to dazzle everyone you meet.