Offline vs Online Two-Wheeler Insurance

 Offline vs Online Two-Wheeler Insurance

When it comes to purchasing bike insurance in India, there is a common dilemma amongst people about whether to buy it online or offline. In a fast-paced world, everything is turning virtual, especially in today’s COVID era. We can do everything online, from ordering food to shopping and staying in touch with family and friends. 

So, does it make sense to buy bike insurance offline? Let’s find out by looking at the benefits of buying two wheeler insurance online and offline. 

Benefits of Offline Two-Wheeler Insurance 

  • Face-to-Face Communication with Insurance Agent

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing two-wheeler insurance offline is that you get to talk face-to-face with an insurance agent. While choosing the right kind of insurance for your two-wheeler is considered an important aspect, many people still prefer buying two-wheeler insurance from an insurance agent. An insurance agent can provide you with all bike insurance details and resolve your queries related to it. 


  • Assistance with Documentations


Many people find it challenging to deal with the documents needed while purchasing a bike insurance policy. Individuals prefer guidance and help of an agent over doing it themselves online across a computer screen. Sometimes, people are sceptical about uploading documents online and hence prefer the documentation part done offline with an insurance agent’s help. 


  • Range of Offerings 


When you opt to buy bike insurance offline, the insurance agent may look at paying capacity and suggest you with your bike’s ideal insurance. He might as well recommend you riders and add-ons on your insurance which suits you perfectly. This option might be limited for people who do not have sound exposure to the online world of insurance. 

  • Save on Renewal & Claim-Request Time

When you put a physical request to make a claim on your bike insurance, an expert from your two-wheeler insurance company can guide on how exactly to make a claim and at the same time offer you any assistance with the claim-process if required. Same is also true when you try to renew your bike insurance policy every year. The time taken to renew your two-wheeler policy is faster. 

Despite some people still preferring to buy insurance for their vehicle offline for the reasons mentioned above, consumer habits are swiftly changing in India. People these days are rapidly moving to the seamless process of buying bike insurance online. In comparison to offline purchase, two-wheeler insurance policies purchased online have an additional set of benefits. Let us take a glance at them below: 

Benefits of Online Insurance 


  • Easy Comparison of Policies 


When you purchase bike insurance offline, you rely upon the insurance agent’s expertise to suggest you the best bike insurance. Moreover, insurance agents are known to strongly recommend those policies which provide them with the highest commission. However, this is not the case when it comes to buying two-wheeler insurance online. When online, you can easily visit any comparison portal, input bike insurance policies of your choice, weigh their different pros and cons and then choose the bike insurance, which perfectly suits your needs. 


  • Save More with Zero Commission 


While purchasing two-wheeler insurance offline, the premium you pay for your insurance includes the insurance agent’s commission. On the other hand, when you buy bike insurance online, there is no commission of any insurance agent involved, which drastically takes down your premium price. Moreover, insurance companies offer various sets of discounts to encourage more people to buy two-wheeler insurance online.

  • Hassle-Free Buying Experience with Less Paperwork

Insurance companies have eliminated the complexities of buying bike insurance online by minimising the amount of paperwork required for the purchase. You can purchase two-wheeler insurance online with the help for a few documents. Some top insurance companies have made renewal of bike insurance a completely documentation-free experience for customers. You can provide necessary details, pay your premium amount online, and get policy documents within minutes. 


  • 24 x 7 Assistance Provided by Insurers 


Insurance companies want to ensure that all questions and queries of policyholders are resolved. Hence, most insurers have a toll-free number available 24×7 where you can call and receive assistance from an insurance expert within a few minutes. You would be required to provide them with necessary policy details, and they would resolve your query instantly. 

Online vs Offline: Which One to Choose? 

Buying two-wheeler insurance online offers more benefits in comparison to buying it offline. While buying bike insurance online, you can easily compare various policies and choose one that suits you, enabling you to save on time and money. Even the documentation is a bare minimum, and you get expert assistance round the clock. 

However, if you still prefer buying insurances the traditional way, you can opt to buy two-wheeler insurance for your vehicle offline as a professional insurance agent would guide you through buying the perfect bike insurance policy that suits you perfectly.  


Buying two-wheeler insurance, either online or offline, is dependent upon your preference of choice. However, it is more important that you always choose a reputed insurer while purchasing two-wheeler insurance. You must understand both the inclusions and exclusions of your policy well so that you can effectively use your two-wheeler insurance policy when required. 

Clare Louise