Practical Uses of The Battery Powered LED Lights

 Practical Uses of The Battery Powered LED Lights

Often you don’t want to make unnecessary gestures to turn on the light manually and search for the switch in the dark, and in some cases, there is simply no need to turn on the main lighting. LED lamps with a motion sensor can be used both as the main and secondary light source. Such lamps are used in lighting apartments, houses, entrances, and smaller areas: car trunks, glove compartments, secondary lighting in long corridors, etc.

Best Atmosphere Creation

Many people are familiar with the situation when, when entering the entrance on a winter evening, you have to make your way to the switch in the dark on the steps, so imagine that you don’t need to do this anymore, as soon as you entered the entrance, the sensor noticed your presence.

It gave a command to light the lamp. Agree, this is very convenient, and the use of such devices is not limited to public places, today many people use them for street lighting in adjoining areas, which also allows you to save on electricity bills.

Main characteristics and principle of operation

The battery-powered led lights of this type are equipped with a special sensor that reacts to the appearance of a moving object. In most cases, a passive infrared motion sensor is installed, which captures thermal radiation emanating from an object and determines its size:

  • After the appearance of a source of thermal radiation in the control zone of the sensor, the illumination detector determines the amount of light
  • If the light level is insufficient, the motion sensor is triggered
  • The light turns on automatically

After a certain period, the light is turned off, which in some models of luminaires can be adjusted manually.

The under-counter light fixtures with motion sensors are an excellent option for implementing street lighting in the local area and any other similar places where the use of conventional lighting fixtures with manual on / off seems to be more expensive both in terms of installation and payment of light bills.

Choose the Best

The BLS T401 Closet Light is a super bright light with 200 Lumens. Both the motion sensor and light beams are adjustable to get optimal lighting effect. It is built with the latest 4000mAh UL certified rechargeable battery. Each charge lasts up to 6 months. The slide switch is easy to use for both seniors and the young. Very convenient to use the light as it turns on automatically when you come close to it. With 18 months warranty, the BLS T401 Motion Sensor Light is over best value product.


In some cases, the difference reaches 10 times the value at the same lighting level. LED light sources are completely safe for humans and the environment, and they do not contain harmful substances like mercury.


Some models of luminaires, together with a motion sensor, are equipped with an element that is sensitive to the illumination level of the surrounding space. The illumination is prevented from turning on during the daytime. The use of LED luminaires with a light sensor is especially justified for outdoor installations.

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CUSTOMER PAIN POINT: It’s expensive and difficult to install new light fixtures.