Preparing For Your Child’s Hypospadias Repair

 Preparing For Your Child’s Hypospadias Repair

Your baby boy can be born with meatus in any place other than at the penis’ tip which. Normally, the hole is supposed to be at the tip. The condition is what is referred to as hypospadias. The condition which is detected after birth is very common. The condition is only about the meatus, but it can be when the foreskin is not completely on the underside.

After the condition is detected, the child is supposed to undergo a treatment known as hypospadias repair or surgery. You can visit Hypospadias Repair in Dallas for more information about the treatment. This article will outline what to expect during the repair and how to prepare your child for the treatment.

Preparing for Surgery

After confirming your child has the defect, the doctor will arrange the date for surgery for your child. The procedure can vary depending on the condition. Normally, the process takes one day, but it may take more than a day if the condition is worse. You should expect the doctor to make a hole at the top of the penis’ top.

There is not much to expect during the repair since the doctor will be in charge. The part that needs most care is after the dismissal from the hospital. But, it is highly recommendable not to be hungry as this can lead the child to be cranky. Therefore, you are advised to give your child apple juice or water. This should be done two hours before the operation commences.

The doctor will ensure that the child is comfortable during the repair. The anaesthesia will make sure your child is asleep, which will free him from the surgery’s pain. The surgeon will create an incision around the penis of your child. This will loosen the skin, making it easier to straighten. The surgeon will lengthen the urethra using a part from the body or the foreskin. After that, he will form a new opening at the penis’ tip.

Your child may need a catheter. However, the chances of your child having a catheter will be determined by the complexity of the condition. A catheter is a small plastic tube placed into the bladder. It helps the body drain urine. There are two types of a catheter.

Suprapubic Catheter

This type of catheter is placed between the exterior of the abdomen and the bladder. Its work is to drain urine from a linked bag. This catheter is detached roughly one week the stent or Foley catheter has been detached from the urethra. In case your child is placed with this catheter, the doctor will give you more information.

Foley Catheter

Instead of a stent, your child can be placed with a Foley catheter in the urethra. In case this happens, your child will have to stay with it for two weeks.

A Stent

This is mostly expected to be placed in your child’s urethra. This is a plastic tube, and it is placed after the child. Its work is to enable your child’s bladder drain urine.

Caring Your Child

There are some issues expected during and after the operations. Your child may experience some complications, and he will need your attention. The child will experience pain and even fever sometimes. You will be directed on the medication by the doctor.

Your child will leave the hospital with some dressing that is plastic. The dressing will be taken off at the Hypospadias Repair in Dallas hospital after the time that the doctor will tell you. But, the doctor can give you instructions on how to remove the dress. The most recommendable time to remove the cloth is two weeks after the operation. Until the cloth is removed, you should sponge-bath the child. Use two diapers if your child uses them.

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