Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

 Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction is unfortunately an epidemic going on in the country long before we ever had this pandemic happening. Addiction is a very complex disease that manifests and affects different people in different ways. This means that there is no one size fits all solution that works for anyone and everyone. Addiction is a disease of isolation which makes it so much more dangerous due to the pandemic going on as we are forced to be isolated. Anyone who knows addiction or knows of someone who has been addicted knows that the disease of addiction thrives in isolation.

That brings up the question of how can we break that cycle of isolation during a time when isolation is mandatory for so many of us. This is where technology comes into play and will be a lifesaver for so many people out there. Now there are apps out there that make virtual addiction treatment possible from the comfort of your home when you aren’t allowed out at all. At this point we have all heard of these apps that bring others right on your computer, cell phone or tablet so that you can get virtual addiction treatment whenever and wherever you need it because treatment is something that needs to be readily available!

Addiction also isn’t something that just goes away over a short period of time. Addiction isn’t something that manifested itself in the infected overnight so it also cannot and will not go away over a short period of time. It is something that’s a process and will take time, effort and energy in order to overcome which will require daily effort. This is another reason that virtual addiction treatment is so important because traditional treatment centers are numerous times a week if not every day of the week depending on the program you’re in. You can now just simply turn on your phone, computer or tablet and almost instantly be connected to another human being who is certified to help you beat the disease of addiction.

Since addiction treatment is such an individual program since no one person’s case is exactly the same so we need to have the ability to pivot and make adjustments to the program already set in place. As people go through treatment there needs will change as most may need less attention and care as they begin to take control of their sobriety. But others may regress and go through tough times in which they need closer attention which is the beauty of virtual treatment. You can now give the person the exact amount of attention that they require so that they can get the most out of the treatment program.

Another thing to keep in mind about addiction is that a lot of the time it’s not the only thing going on in the individual. So many people who are addicted also have mental health problems which only intensify the addiction as well as make that addiction that much harder to break. This means that in order to correctly treat the addiction you also must diagnose and treat the mental illness that is more than likely at the core of the addiction. This just shows that everyone’s case of addiction is different from the others and each individual will require different types of attention as this isn’t a one size fits all cure. With technology the way it is now it actually makes this possible regardless of what’s going on outside whether it’s a pandemic, hurricane or blizzard that requires you to stay home. Help is now available regardless!


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