SEO Tactics that Still Work Today

 SEO Tactics that Still Work Today

SEO changes every single day. The little changes stack up as we attempt to keep up with them. Still, there are a few SEO tactics that have been working for a long time and still work today. Following these tactics can give you that boost you need to stay on top for a long period of time.

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Constantly Upgrading Your Content

Once you’ve made a piece of content, you will obviously optimize it. However, as time goes by, the rules and trends of SEO will change. Because of this, that piece of content won’t be as effective as it used to be.

Instead of removing old content, as some people choose to do, I recommend you edit and upgrade the content so that it is fully optimized once more. Why bother removing content and starting from scratch when you can just make some tweaks and pass it as new content anyway?

Utilizing Google Search Console

Google’s search console can be a massive utility for SEO. If you can use it to view the highest-ranking pages and keywords on Google. This knowledge allows you to find powerful keywords and potentially build up a ranking for yourself.

You can also view high-ranking pages to determine what they did to reach that position. The experience may rub off on you.

Steal Keywords Whenever Possible

It may sound mean but stealing keywords from your competitors is often more efficient than ranking unclaimed keywords. Obviously, you should rank for a keyword that isn’t claimed for the extra ranking power. However, these keywords tend to be quite weak in comparison with those that are already in use.

Make sure not to aim for your competitor’s strongest keywords. Look for ones that they haven’t fully optimized yet. You have a higher chance of reaching a good position with these. (Though, if you see a high-worth keyword that is a little weaker than usual, do not hesitate to jump on it!)

If you follow these long-lasting SEO tactics, it will give you a strong advantage that your competitors may be missing out on. Good luck to you all and happy ranking!

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Paul Petersen