The Right Nail Polish within Your Routine

 The Right Nail Polish within Your Routine

Whoever has a very busy routine, knows how difficult it is to take some time to go to the manicure. So, the solution ends up being making your own nails at home. Okay, maybe the result is not the same as that done by a professional, but that painting your nails at home breaks a branch, this is very trueand if you don’t have the skills or are having trouble painting, removing dark enamel or even making your nails dry faster, we’ll give you 3 tips that will make your life easier and change the way you do your nails every now and then all. Come on?

Cleaning the corners of the nail with white glue

That’s right. It may seem strange, but this tip will make your life a lot easier. Doing your nails will be at least 10 minutes faster with this trick. We love it! It works like this: before starting to paint, apply the liquid white glue around the nails with the help of a brush. Go well in the corners, where we always need to clean with a toothpick and cotton. Then paint your nails normally and wait for them to dry. After the enamel and the glue are dry, remove the transparent glue film and voil√†. Nails well painted and without any dirty corner. We love it. The use of the holographic nail polish¬† is quite important in this case. Now you can have the perfect nail color varieties possible as well. Find your opportunities in every step. Find the details available there and explore the best with this. The truest and maximum solutions are available in these cases.

Taking off nail polish with glitter or dark colors

So you decided to use that #glam nail polish with a lot of glitter or that neon color that everyone is wearing out there. It was beautiful, you loved it, but it’s time to take off the nail polish. What suffering! Who has never had trouble removing glitter and dark colors from the nail, right? But we have a super simple solution. To remove it more easily, wet small pieces of cotton in the remover and press on the nails. Tie the cottons with small rubber bands (the very thin ones we use to style hair) and leave for a few minutes. When removing the cottons, you will notice that the enamel will come out incredibly easier. Look for the opportunities in the choice of the best nail polish now.

Making nails dry faster

Not everyone has a quick-drying spray at home, but making the nail polish dry quickly is the desire of all women who do their own nails, tell the truth. We are also in a hurry, that’s why we use a trick that is very successful out there. Once your nails are ready, place your fingers in a container of water and plenty of ice. Leave it for a few seconds and you will be surprised: the nail already comes out almost dry from the water, accelerating the entire drying process.

Daniel Donny