Coworking spaces for a better commute

 Coworking spaces for a better commute

As per a report from Moveinsync, a commuting platform, on an average an Indian spends 7% of their day in commuting to office which accounts to around 2hrs every day. This is more than people in most countries.

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend commuting to work?

Very few people think about the time it takes to commute to work. If the distance is less and takes less time to office, it’s all fine. However, there are people who travel unbelievably long distance for work. It costs them their mental and physical health. Following are some of the disadvantages of travelling long distance to work.


Time is the most precious thing one will ever have. Making good use of it gives them wonderful results. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the time that goes off in commuting to work. Traffic jams, accidents etc. are a further addition to their delay. If the means of transport is public, then most of the time goes into waiting for the public transport. People are obliged to travel long distance for various reasons, but it is always advised to keep the distance to as less as possible.

Health issues

Several studies say that travelling long distance to office can lead to psychosomatic disorders compared to short distance commuting. Physical problems include headaches, backaches, high blood pressure are among the common ones. Whereas, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances, fatigue and stress due to bad weather, traffic jams etc. are some of the common mental ills.

Possible Solutions

There are many options that can evade you from the long-distance commuting. But it mostly depends on other factors like the kind of work that you do, place you live in etc. If you are an employee, before choosing a company to work for, look at the distance that you have to commute. If the company is really good, then it is suggested to get your accommodation nearby. Else, you have to find a company within a less distance.

If you own a company or work on your own terms, then the best option you have is a coworking space.

Coworking space

Coworking spaces are trending in the office space industry currently due to its various advantages. There are many new coworking spaces in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. and their branches unveiling each day across the globe. You should definitely find a best coworking space near you. Working out of a coworking near you saves a lot of time and are cost-efficient. Moreover, coworking space conduct many community events and celebrations that would improves one’s physical and mental health. They come with flexible seating and agreements.

In a situation like covid, the coworking space staff takes care of all the precautionary measures like sanitizing the necessary places at regular intervals, social distancing besides providing fully furnished office.

Virtual office

If someone is good with working from home and wants a professional address, then virtual office is a suitable option. A virtual office provides all the documents required for registering a company mostly in prime business hubs. The best part is one can find office address for registration at the any location although they are working from their desired location.

Moreover, you can always rent a meeting room in a coworking space or business centre whenever required.

Daniel Donny