Tips on How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online Safely

 Tips on How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online Safely

Buying marijuana seeds for the first time can be quite scary for many people, this is because purchase of marijuana is not legal in some countries. This is why you need to purchase your seeds from a legitimate seed company. This will ensure that your privacy and safety are guaranteed and you will not get scammed with lower quality seeds or even getting no seeds at all. Here are a few tips to help you to safely buy cannabis seeds online. 

Keep the Purchase a Secret

The main reasons why people get busted is because they do not make their purchase decisions a secret. If you want to avoid being busted then you need to keep everything a secret. When it comes to purchasing marijuana seeds for sale, you can only trust your fellow weed enthusiasts. Therefore, it is best to be quiet. 

Purchase from Tested and Proven Shippers

There are countless seed backs selling their products online. However, you can only trust seed banks that successfully send their products to your doorstep. You do not want your seeds intercepted by the customs or end up with no seeds at all. The best companies have a high success rate of shipping cannabis seeds and will ensure that your privacy is protected. They ship your seeds in random items like wallet, tire, cellphone case, and many more. Even the mailman will not know you have ordered. 

Purchase Feminized Seeds

Buying feminized weed seeds for sale is costly, but it is more practical because you are confident that female plants will produce buds for smoking. However, if you endeavor to get more seeds then male plants will be the perfect option for you. Auto-flowering weed seeds are perfect for those who want quick flowering strains that are not highly dependent on the light cycles. 

Use Discreet Payment Methods

Most seed banks usually accept credit cards. However, ensure that the transaction data will not showcase that you have ordered marijuana seeds. You can confirm this by checking their Frequently Asked Questions page or calling their customer service representatives. You can also use other payment methods lie Mastercard or pre-paid Visa, Bitcoin, Paying cash through the mail, doing a bank transfer to the provided information that is not related to marijuana or MoneyTransfer through Western Union or MoneyGram.

Divide any Bulk Orders

When buying marijuana seeds for sale in bulk, you should never combine your shipping. Let the seed bank divide your seeds into several parcels as this will help you manage any risk of loss. If you have ever lost a parcel, then you will be glad to divide your bulk orders. Most marijuana seed banks tend to replace lost shipment but with a minimal fee for the new shipment. However, some banks will not send any replacement to avoid losses on their part. 

Research Extensively

There are many weed seed banks on the internet. However, this does not mean that all of them are legit and real because some are just there to rip off clients. To avoid scams, you need to research extensively by reading online reviews or inquiring from forums. This way, you will get the much needed information from experienced weed seed buyers and will make an informed purchase. 

Exercise Patience

Most marijuana seed banks are located in areas like Amsterdam where cannabis seeds are cheaper, but of premium quality. This means that the shipping process will take longer than expected. Therefore, you need to give the vendor at least 14 to 30 days before making any complaints. You can also order from Canada owing to their reliable mail system and the fact that their seed companies are real brands with store locations across the entire country. 

There are many different ways that you can get weed seeds for sale in a safe manner. In countries where weed growing is legal, you can purchase your seeds from coffee shops, dispensaries, and growshops. However, cannabis seeds are not legal in every country like Asian countries, Australia, and some states in the USA. Fortunately, there are still hope for growers in these countries because they can ship their seeds from overseas. With the above-mentioned tips, you can purchase your marijuana seeds without any problem. 


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