Top 3 Apps To Spy On A Cheating Partner

 Top 3 Apps To Spy On A Cheating Partner

Free android spy apps cheating spouses are very relevant in today’s time, especially when infidelity issues are increasing among couples. Disloyalty and cheating have become so common these days that the initiation of trust issues is natural. Mostly due to the emergence of digital media and seamless communication modes, cheating has become easier. Now, when the cheating medium is digital, there should be a digital way of catching a cheating spouse.

If you are doubting your partner or just want to check on him/her, then you need the apps that would help you to catch a cheating partner and know all his online activities and some offline activities too. Thus, here are the top Best Couple Tracker Apps to check on your partner’s loyalty.


Hoverwatch offers a free trial version and it can be used on any android device. Not only for tracking an android phone, but you can also use it to spy on Mac and Windows PC too. This app helps to set geofences as well as know the real-time location of your partner.

Apart from location tracking, you can extract all the social media activities of your partner on Facebook, Instagram, etc. by using this application. Besides the online activities, you can also collect information about the messages and calls your partner makes.

Hoverwatch also offers a keylogger to know the passwords and account information on your partner’s devices. However, this app won’t work on IOS devices.

The Truth Spy

Being one of the oldest spying apps for iOS and Android devices, The Truth Spy is a trusted app. It offers a free trial version and has more than 25 tools to check on your partner.

Interestingly, without getting caught, you can easily know all the activities and information on the phone of your spouse. Starting from location tracking to spying on social media platforms, this app provides all the information. You can also extract the call log and message history as well as collect the saved photos and videos.

Highster Mobile

One of the best free android spy apps cheating spouse that can be accessed on any Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows devices is Highster Mobile. Without getting detected, you can take out all the mobile activities of your partner using this app.

Location tracking, checking on the social media activities, calls, and messages, all can be done effortlessly. You can extract the location history too.

So, which app are you going to download to catch your partner?

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