Top two park benches that are trending post Covid-19 era

 Top two park benches that are trending post Covid-19 era

There are several studies been carried out in the country to survey the location and condition of the park benches along with several other factors. 

Study on Park Benches

Different studies have been conducted which might raise some concerns like:

  • Most of the park benches requires the immediate need of repair or replacement 

You should check wooden benches for disintegration or broken planks. Examine the frames for all benches and tighten or replace any loose hardware. Regularly check metal benches for broken welds or any signs of rust or corrosion as this gradually weakens the metal over time. You should either repair them in time or replace them. There are several stores where you can find the park benches for sale easily.

  • Benches that continually seem to need cleaning

It is quite evident that this problem occurs due to people who use benches. Or mold and mildew. Probably it would be an intelligent move to supplant those benches with benches coated by thermoplastic that are too easy in maintenance. Also, you do have an option to order benches with perforated metal where liquids or spills cannot gather.

  • Areas that regularly suffer from vandals with spray paint cans 

Thermoplastic metal paints also repulse defacement which makes it easy to remove the paint. You certainly don’t want the general public to periodically be exposed to coarse or offensive writing on your benches.

  • Bench usage 

Probably there are several park benches in place, but nobody seems to use them. You might add benches with backs and armrests that might make a difference and your park might have greater foot-fall. Otherwise, the time might have come to move the benches to test another location.

  • Benches that attract litter 

A garden bench might be in great shape, with great views, but the presence of litter can certainly put a hindrance on the full experience. Maybe you should try to add trash receptacles in the high-litter areas.

  • You should definitely try to change the location of the park bench as areas that might have been overlooked for a park bench previously could be a welcome spot to add one. 

Choice of park benches

When you think of garden bench sale, most people think of traditional wooden benches. Nonetheless, there are alternatives. They might be a better choice depending on the environment and location. Here are a few to consider:

  • Metal benches

Park benches that are made with steel are getting more popularity for several reasons. To start with one, they can be coated with a powder-coated material or thermoplastic coating to extend their life. These benches won’t splinter or rot and won’t require sanding or repainting. The use of metal for the seat, back, and frame also allows for a choice of several vibrant colors. 

  • Thermoplastic benches

Coated park benches are exceptionally durable (since the metal is basically dipped in a tough polyethylene copolymer fluidized bath that is then oven-dried and hardened into a protective shell). It is quite evident that a thermoplastic bench repels the damaging UV rays of the sun and never receive any crack or rot. This coating is impact resistant and impervious to mold, mildew, and salt air. They are too easy to clean, generally with only soap and water or a mild industrial cleaner, and they also repel spray paint. This finish won’t crack, peel, or fade.

In addition, when your municipality or facility orders recycled plastic benches, they are supporting the environment and completing the recycling cycle of Collection, Manufacturing, and Reuse. The installation of these benches can certainly be included in any sustainability initiatives that are commonly being practiced at facilities today across the US, both public and private.

Danny White