What are phones used for?

 What are phones used for?

One of the most important mode of communication is telephones.Phones are used for long distance communication. Earlier days phones where not economical. The price of a telephone was huge and since people had to pay telephone bills for usage they didn’t prefer buying phones. Only rich people could afford to buy and maintain phones.Initially only land lines were available. However the main use of phones was to reach out to people in far off places and speak to them.There would be emergency situations where in messages should be passed on.In earlier days letters were the only mode of communication.Later when telephone was introduced people started communicating with the help of phone. However the disadvantage of land lines phonewas that people could not carry it to all places where ever they go. Hence mobile phones where invented. With the advanced technology people could speak to their dear ones anytime and from anywhere. SIM Cards is used in phones with the help of which a unique number would be assigned. People who have a phone would give their phone number to other people and they can be contacted with the help of that phone number. As the numbers are unique there would not be any confusion.

Each person would have their own phone numbers. In case we have multiple phone equipment’s each equipment would have a SIM card which would have a number. People can own multiple mobiles with different phone numbers. There are different brands of phones which are available in the market. The cost of each phone would depend on the quality and features of the phone. There are different types of phones like smart phone, normal phones,anriod phones, iPhones and so on. People would use phones for talking to other people. With the help of smart phones people can access to their emails,social media sites and also can play games. They can also click photos and take videos.Now a days there are many variety of phones available with different and advanced features.

Apple,iPhone and iSO phones are very popular.One point of time Black berry was very popular and was considered to be a luxurious phone.It was very expensive and was owned by rich people.Later iPhone were introduced and they became very famous.More than buying phones its important to maintain them.People will have to ensure to keep it safe and handle them with care.In case the phone falls down then there are chances of the phone getting damaged. There are many apple iPhone repair Singapore has. People will have to ensure to give their phones for repair in a reputed service centre.There are many service centres available but the quality of work they do should be good. Some service centres may not have experienced service men to repair the phone.They may take more time to repair the phone.And they may not be able to completely repair the phones properly.We will have to go to the service centre which is good in providing services and who provides prompt services.

What are the advantages of mobile phones:

  • We can communicate whenever we want and from anywhere all over the world.
  • We can send messages.
  • Photos and videos can be taken with phones.


Phones are very important in today’s world.We will have to handle phones with care or else we will have to get them repaired in case there are any damages.