What is Amphetamine? General Information 

 What is Amphetamine? General Information 

What is Amphetamine? It is a nervous stimulant that is used to stimulate the central nervous system to treat the symptoms of hyperactivity disorders due to attention deficit and narcolepsy.

Actually, this is a type of chemical which is used very frequently to treat depression and congestion of the nasal cavity. Not only this, Amphetamine is used to enhance the performances of the athletes. Since this drug has several usages that can affect the quality of human life, it is a prescription drug and its usages are very strictly monitored.

Chemical Composition of Amphetamine

Amphetamine is a product of alpha-methylphenethylamine contraction. The drug was first discovered in the year 1887. This chemical has two enantiomers which are named dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine. This Amphetamine is a chemical with a special character as it has a racemic free base. Where the basic question is about what is Amphetamine, then the answer is, it belongs to phenethylamine class and due to this it is naturally related to the trace amine neuromodulator. Though this chemical compound is generated naturally in the human body, still in some cases this is administered from outside.

Therapeutic Usages of Amphetamine 

Amphetamine is used to treat the causes of the cognitive and emotional effects of a person. It can help you stay strong in many adverse situations. In addition to that, it can also bring in a change in the desire of having sex, to improve cognitive control over your behavior, to increase stamina to stay awake. On the other hand, it also works on your reaction time to increase it. Amphetamine is used to increase the strength of your muscles for a particular time being, resist tiredness and fatigue so that you can perform at the top level. But there are some restrictions too in the usages like it can induce rapid muscle breakdown if not used in a controlled amount. Long term use of it can cause addiction to the drug too.

Usages of Amphetamine

Basically, Amphetamine is used for medical purposes. It is hugely used in treating ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In cases of narcolepsy where you can’t sleep well and in some cases of obesity, Amphetamines are used as per the advice of a doctor. Since this is a neuro-stimulator, it is sometimes used as depression along with chronic pain. Subsequent usage in high doses can cause nervous breakdown and damage. But controlled use of this can increase the capacity of the brain due to its development and nerve growth. Many reviews and researches have advocated for the good effects of Amphetamine under controlled usages.

Amphetamine is not only used for medical purposes, but it has some other usages also like enhancing the performances of the athletes. Many of the reviews and analyses have proved that mild doses of Amphetamine can result in improvements in cognitive skills without any ambiguities. In healthy people, the use of oral therapeutic doses increases muscle strength, performance, and acceleration. It also helps to increase endurance and alertness. But the matter of concern is that the usage of non-medical Amphetamine has been prohibited in the arena of sports.

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