What is the best type of shirt fabric?

 What is the best type of shirt fabric?

Setting up a T-shirt business, especially if it is Ethical and eco T-shirt printing, requires care when choosing fabrics. Each mesh has a purpose and not every texture is suitable for certain customization processes. So today we are going to find out which type of shirt fabric is best for each case. Furthermore, it is important to look for suppliers, compare prices and understand what is relevant to your budget. Are you interested? So, check out all the tips below!

T-shirt fabric types

There is a great variety of knits, but we select the most common ones for t-shirts and explain what their compositions and uses are:

Carded – It is configured in 100% cotton and has a good acceptance of prints. Because it is natural, compared to synthetic, it has a softer and softer touch. However, depending on the use of this cotton fabric for T-shirts, balls are easily formed. The threads can vary between 24.1, 26.1 and 28.1 (the higher the number, the better the fabric).

Hairstyle – Also woven in 100% cotton, however, it has a higher yarn quality than carded and, for that reason, it is a little more expensive. The fabric is considered resistant due to its thickness of 30.1. It is indicated for warmer days / places.

Cold (or PV) – It consists of 33% polyester + 67% viscose. The durability of this mesh is greater: it does not fade or shrink easily. For this reason, it is constantly selected for school uniforms. However, because it retains little sweat, it is indicated for colder days / places.

Dry (or dry fit) – Made of 100% polyester, it is generally suitable for sports. It combines comfort, durability and fit in one material, in addition to being excellent in sweat retention and quick drying.

Sustainable t-shirt

Did you know that clothes can be made from environmentally friendly material? The t-shirts have an improved finish, made with 100% certified organic cotton or recycled mesh from Pet bottles. It is interesting to understand that the term “organic” refers to the way in which products are grown and processed. Organic cotton is grown without chemicals or pesticides, which are harmful to human health and the environment. The production of the fabric arises from the spinning of the strips cut from the pet bottle, mixed with leftovers from the cotton industry.

Advantages of the Pet fabric

  • The fabric has the same quality and strength as cotton and, in addition, the recycled mesh is very comfortable.
  • The plastic bottle that is thrown in the trash, serves as raw material for the fabric manufacture, reducing the pollution of cities.


After knowing the main materials, it is necessary to consider the objectives of your business to then choose the fabric: if you want to customize t-shirts for physical activities, the dry fabric is the most suitable. For day to day, cotton is more comfortable. Now, in relation to printing (considering the color quality of the images and the durability), cotton fabrics have better results with laser prints and synthetics with sublimation procedures.


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