What should you do if you are injured at work?

 What should you do if you are injured at work?

Many people get injured at work and choose to suffer silently because they don’t know how to bring it up or follow up things to see that they receive a worker’s compensation that they are entitled to in case of job accidents. It is also important to note that some unscrupulous employers may choose to neglect your claim even if you made a report on time. However, that shouldn’t worry you anymore. If you follow the steps and guidelines provided in this article, it will always end in justice prevailing and you getting awarded the claim.

It is also important to note that the type of lawyer that you hire determines whether you’ll win or lose the case, whether it goes to trial or not. That is why we recommend retaining an experienced PG County car accident lawyer with an unrivaled success rate to showcase. 

When injured at work, please ensure you follow the following guidelines:

  • Report to the supervisor immediately

The first thing that you should probably do is report to the supervisor immediately or to whoever is in charge of your department. It would also be best if your report was in writing and all details captured accordingly, including the time of the accident and the names of employees who witnessed the same. This information will come a long way to show negligence if the company chooses to refute your claim citing that you didn’t report on time.

  • Seek medical attention

After reporting to the supervisor, you should seek immediate medical attention from a qualified physician to examine the extent and type of injuries sustained. Visiting a doctor soon will also help you salvage the injuries from getting worse. As for treatment and examination, you can get it anywhere, whether from a public, private, or company hospital.

  • File a worker’s compensation claim

 The next should be filing a worker’s compensation claim so that the employer can indemnify you. While most employers often treat this as a lawsuit against them, it is actually part of the benefits you are rightfully and legally entitled to as a gainfully employed person. Therefore, you should note that not every employer will treat this lightly. That is why we recommend getting the assistance of a lawyer’s argument in any case the employer claims that he doesn’t have any insurance policy to cover such benefits. That is when a lawsuit would arise. 

  • Should you retain a lawyer?

Lastly, after consulting and seeking timely legal counsel on our case, it will help if you also retain the same lawyer to represent you in all the sittings henceforth. It is important to note that your employer will be bringing in company lawyers to help him argue in his favor. Therefore, it will also help if you match up with the same energy and also lawyer up. Moreover, since your employer denied the claim in the first place, he may still play hardball even in the lawyer’s presence, which may see the matter going to court. With all the legal jargon and medical terms that will be put into play, hiring a lawyer sounds like a good plan.

Danny White