Why a Berkey Shower Filter is important.

 Why a Berkey Shower Filter is important.

Whenever one decides to use a water filter at home, they tend to find the best value for their money. This is normal for almost everyone. But they also need to consider if the one they chose would suit their needs. Checking out the website of Berkey Water Purifiers would help them in their decision.  For more information on Berkey shower filters, visit the official USA Berkey website

Price matters. That is a fact that no one can deny. What are the requirements for a water filter to deserve its price? It is important to note that each water filter has its own price. Some could not figure out why this is the case. All these are water filters and they play the same role. Why then do they have different prices? Is it even fair?

One may think that branding has something to do with it. If they would take a closer look and do research, most of these brands have the same price. It is also normal for a person to prefer more popular brands when making a decision. It can be anything; appliances, cars, toys, and so on. Of course, items from well-known brands tend to have a much higher asking price.

So what would one check when finding the right water filter? Quality. They have to pay for the quality of the filter and not its name. They also need to check the technology that runs the filter. This article will cover basic to advanced water purifier categories. One would then understand why they have these price tags.

Basic water purifiers

In a strict sense of the word, “basic” here means the filters with the lowest price. Filters on water jugs are pricey since its needs replacements from time to time. Houses with countertops or under sinks can attach a filter to its water source. This is the most basic option for water filters and one can see it in almost any home.

The price range of these filters can go anywhere from $40 – $50. Replacements for the filters will also not hurt the budget. If one would use this option, they must never be too stingy with filter replacements. Spending less on these replacement filters would mean less clean water. It will also expose them and their families to the dangers of untreated water.

One also has to know that basic filters can only remove several contaminants in water. Most of these contaminants affect the water’s taste and smell. This means it can produce better tasting water after filtration. This also means that the water may still have other impurities that may lead to illnesses.

Most of these filters go under the sink and looks like a normal canister. It is also easy to install. It can only take at least 30 minutes or so to install. This basic filter can stop parasites from going with the water to any drinking container. It will also reduce the smell and taste of chlorine in the water. The filter can also do away with soil, rust, sand, and sediments.

More expensive filters can separate more impurities from the water; of course. But if one only wants to have a better tasting, safe to drink water, this filter is more than enough.

Mid-range water purifiers

This is what most people call “not cheap but not expensive either” category. Water filtration systems in this price range can remove more contaminants in water. This is because it has more complex technologies that basic filters don’t have. It is important to note that it still cannot remove all impurities from the water. It can only reduce its number; more than a basic one can.

The price for these water purifiers ranges from $100 to $150. In this range, one has more options to choose from. These water filters may include activated carbon, ultraviolet filters, water ionizers, and more. The good thing is that these filters can take on different substances. This means that it can filter both organic and inorganic matter. It can filter several types of bacteria from the water as well.

Most mid-range water purifiers have three stages of filtration. This fact alone makes it miles farther from basic filters that have one stage at best. Filtration stage one involves the removal of sediments from the water’s source. It can remove sediments up to five microns in size. In layman’s terms, these particles are not seen by the naked eye. But the accumulation of these particles can make the water look muddy.

Stage two will start by letting the water flow through an advanced carbon filter. This filter can remove heavy metals like lead. It will also filter other contaminants smaller than the ones filtered at stage one. The size of these contaminants is at least one micron only.

Stage three filtration can vary depending on the filter version. Some would involve hollow fiber technology. This fiber looks like a type of membrane. This membrane will filter anything heavier than the water that flows through it. Leftover impurities from the first two stages stop flowing with the water at this point. After these stages, the result is clean and tasty water straight out from the tap.

The most expensive water purifiers

Take note that Berkey Water purifiers have filters under all categories mentioned here. Getting one will depend on the needs of the consumer. In any case, expensive water purifiers are all about technology. Filtration stages for these filters are way over the top. It can even reach until 10 stages of filtration. On top of that, some even use alkaline filters to balance the water’s acidity.

It can also soften the water by dealing with calcium and magnesium without removing them. Nutrients and minerals that cause good health remain in the water after treatment. Some six-stage water filtration systems use reverse osmosis in filtering water. Not only will the user have clean and safe to drink water, but it’s also perfect for the skin. It can balance the alkaline and acidity of the water which helps with people with sensitive skin.

The bottom line

Berkey Water Purifiers have a wide range of filtration systems. Each water purifier system will suit any person’s needs. It is better to get the filter that can provide safe drinking water and takes care of the skin as well.

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