The New MV Act Looks To Deter Reckless Driving With Hefty Fines

 The New MV Act Looks To Deter Reckless Driving With Hefty Fines

Every year thousands of people lose their life in reckless driving in India. Over 60 per cent of the accidents in India are due to negligent driving. It accounts for over 64 per cent of total deaths due to accidents across the country. The person driving a motor vehicle should abide by the traffic safety rules and ensure the safety of people on the road.

In fact, to ensure the safety of the people and reduce the road accident rates in India, the government has made certain amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act. The New Motor Vehicles Act of 2019 came into force from September 2019.

As per the new act, the government has imposed hefty penalties and fines on people offending the traffic rules. Section 184 MV Act specifically points at driving dangerously. So, any individual driving a motor vehicle at speed or in any manner that can put people’s lives in danger will be held guilty under this Section.

Further, the Section also elaborates the circumstances under which the vehicle is driven. It takes into account the natural conditions, the place where the vehicle is driven, and the amount of traffic at the given time. If the individual is found guilty under Section 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act, then they shall be punishable with imprisonment of up to six months and/or fine of up to INR 1000 for the first offence. The subsequent offences will have to face two years of imprisonment and/or a penalty of INR 2000.

Apart from this, the individual will also be held guilty under Section 279 IPC for rash driving. They will have to serve prison-time for six months and/or a penalty of INR 1000.

The increase in the penalty rates and imprisonment period is to ensure that people are careful when driving. Over 400 people die every single day in road accidents merely because the drivers have no fear of punishment or adequate driving skills.

So, if you drive recklessly or do not abide by the traffic safety rules, know that you will have to face these charges. More so, if anything happens to your precious vehicle during such an unfortunate situation, know that you will not be able to make a successful claim on your motor insurance plan.

Insurers in India specifically mention in the policy exclusions that any damage to the vehicle caused due to reckless driving or over speeding will not be covered under the insurance plan. Based on this, the damage repair expenses will have to be paid by you from your pocket. Overall, it looks like a costly affair!

To Conclude

The traffic safety rules are implemented to ensure the safety of you, your vehicle, and others on the road. Any individual failing to follow them can cause an unfortunate rumble and cause damage to other people and property. Compensating for the said losses can be financially overwhelming. To avoid getting into any such situation, follow the traffic rules and regulators with discipline. Also, encourage others to do so.


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