Why You Should Buy A 5-Inch Inflatable Sup

 Why You Should Buy A 5-Inch Inflatable Sup

Most of the boards being sold in the market are 6 inches thick. 6 inches thick boards have their place in some specialized boards, but they do not have the right thickness for paddlers liking for an all-around board. An all round board should feel stable 

What Is Wrong With 6 Inches Thick Boards?

For an inflatable paddle board to be ideal, it must have the correct amount of thickness for rigidity purposes and the right volume to support the paddler’s weight. 

Let’s sample some experiences you notice when comparing the 6-inch board toa 5inch board all round board with the same width, length, and shape.

  • A 6-inch board rides too high in the water, giving resulting in a shaky effect when paddling. This is uncomfortable for beginner paddlers. A 5-inch board with the same dimensions is more stable with no side to side wobble because of the reduced center of gravity.
  • After falling off the board, it’s hard to get back on a 6-inch board because of the raised deck pad. The higher buoyancy of an inch board makes it hard to press the board down so you can get back on. 
  • A 6-inch board is bulkier than a 5 inch one, making it hard to carry around. 
  • An inflatable 6-inch board takes a long time to inflate than a 5-inch board.

Why Are Many Boards Made With 6-Inch Thickness?

Making a 5-inch board with good rigidity needs stronger and expensive materials, and the construction methods are also very labor-intensive. Considering the high demand for these boards, manufacturers choose to take the easier route of making a thicker board with reduced rigidity, using cheaper base materials. 

A small number of manufacturers make 5-inch boards using the right technology, but they don’t come cheap, given the sophistication involved in making them.

Do 6-Inch Boards Make Sense on A Paddle Board?

6-inch boards serve the following purposes.

  • Touring isup 12 feet longer need extra thickness, and 6-inch thickness is ideal for extra rigidity. 
  • Specialized boards for rapid whitewater runs need extra thickness. 
  • Big and tall paddlers over 225lbs need extra buoyant boards with 6-inch thickness.


The 6-inch thickness will suffice for specialized paddle boards. A well designed all round inflatable paddle board with 5-inch thickness is the most ideal for everyday paddling activities. It had the added advantage of easy transport and storage and is also durable. 


Danny White