Month: January 2020

The Benefits Of Using Uniforms For Business

One way to gain a more professional appearance in business is to have standard company uniforms for all employees. There are other benefits, however, that can be impactful in many ways. Anyone who owns a business should seriously consider having company uniforms. Make a Positive Impression The first thing that a customer will notice about […]Read More

Dallas Stars Shine in Vintage NHL Jerseys

Since their inaugural 1993-94 NHL season, the Dallas Stars have celebrated a number of impressive accomplishments, the greatest of which being the 1989-99 Stanley Cup. In addition to the Cup, the Dallas Stars have celebrated eight division titles, two Western Conference championships and two President’s Trophies. During their ‘98-’99 Stanley Cup run, center Joe Nieuwendyk […]Read More

Seek Immediate Assistance with Your Maritime Law Needs

The law office of Schecter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris LLP cover several practice areas in the field of law. One of these that is not so well-understood is maritime law. If you are injured while working at sea, it’s important to know how to handle the legal aspects and who you can trust. You have […]Read More

2020: Protect yourself from the risk of being hacked

One of the most common headlines in every day’s news is a data breach. There is no related size of the company. Every company, irrespective of its size, a government agency, can be breached. The data breaches can, however, have a grave and severe impact on the personal privacy and financial conditions of a person.  […]Read More