5 Popular Types of Watches for Men

 5 Popular Types of Watches for Men

A watch is not only to see the time but it tells a story and taste of your style. It makes you a true gentleman if you choose the right watch. We pick a watch by seeing its color and overall beauty, but there are a lot of things to consider before buying a men’s watch. First of all, identify your personality and find out what kind of watch will suit on your wrist. From sports watch to calendar watch, waterproof, and so on, you can select anything according to your style and fashion. Want to create a perfect collection of watches? This can be expensive but you can enhance your chronograph collection without breaking your budget with the backing of couponksa.com. Collect Ontime promo code from this site and avail maximum price cut on designer watches. We have listed some different types of watches for men. Check out the latest collection of watches right now.

Calendar Watch for Men:

The best specialty of calendar watch is that you can keep both time and date near at hand. However, these types of watches are simple but very functional. The leather straps and chunky round dial makes a great combo. These watches come in plenty of patterns and designs. Most importantly, these watches look great with various formal outfits and enhance your personality.

Waterproof Watch:

The main quality of waterproof watch is that it is perfect for outdoor activities. The design and material of this type of watch is unbreakable and weather-resistant. Wear this watch while hiking diving because it is water-resistant. For adventurous activities, this is the perfect timepiece. Enhance your gym look or running look by combining this watch with your workout clothes. Shine in rain or colder weather with the assistance of this watch.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch:

Looking for a fitness tracker watch? You can’t go wrong with a heart rate monitor watch as it adjusts on your wrist and track your performance. It will improve your running and help to achieve your target within a time. This is the ideal watch to analyze your performance. Add this versatile watch to your timepiece collection with the aid of couponksa.com. Catch huge decline on the price by using ontime promo code at the billing point.

Chronograph Watch:

The market is stuffed with a range of wristwatches and chronograph watch is one of the most versatile watches in this list. It features a clock display and other useful qualities like a stopwatch. This type of watch is just right for every occasion and lift up both your dress and personality. This watch looks great on sophisticated and sober dudes.

Dress Watch:

As the name depicts, this kind of watch is awesome for formal events. For business meetings, pair this watch with your dress and make a positive impression on your colleagues and boss. Buy this watch at affordable cost with the support of couponksa.com after applying ontime promo code at the cash desk.