7 Fast  Fundraising  Ideas

 7 Fast  Fundraising  Ideas

Every event or strategy indeed needs proper planning, fundraising is not an exception. However, there are times when you do not have the luxury to plan over an extended time, but you need to raise money fast for a school activity or project in your preschool. Times like these require the best preschool fundraiser ideas that can help you raise money fast.  For the easiest fundraising solutions, visit www.fundraisingzone.com

When you do not have a lot of time for planning, you need fast fundraising ideas for your rescue. Suitable preschool fundraiser ideas for a short time frame are those that do not require rigorous planning. They can be decided and finalized over one or two meetings and still raise enough money for the intended project.

Some possible school projects you may want to raise money quickly for include building a new shade, sudden renovation, and others. The following are fast preschool fundraiser ideas to help raise money for your urgent project;

  1. Dog walk

Dogs are kids’ favorite pet and they wouldn’t hesitate to bring their furry friend to school with them if permitted. Get the kids to bring their dogs or borrow a dog to walk a distance while raising money for the school. Do not restrict the activity to dogs alone, you can let them come with other pets like turtles and ferrets. Dog walk does not require rigorous or lengthy planning, all you need to do is send emails and letters to the parents informing them about the fundraising plan.

  1. Dogwash

Yes, kids love dogs. Advertise that your school will be having a dog wash on a particular day. Get volunteers to wash dogs while dog owners pay what they think the effort is worth. Also, create a general donation booth and encourage people to donate.

3. Teddy Bear Picnic for the kids

A teddy bear picnic is a fun fundraiser that you can use to raise money fast. Get the kids to bring their favorite stuffed animal to the picnic. Watch as different kinds of teddy bears meet on that day. Let the kids meet and have fun over a green area. Raise money through entry fees. You can also make baked foods and tea available for sale. Ensure to set up a photo booth so they can have adorable pictures.

  1. Formal Day

A formal day fundraiser is easy to plan and fast to raise money with. Get the kids to dress up in fancy formal attire; nice tuxedos and beautiful gowns. Encourage them to dress fancy like it’s prom night. The teachers and parents can get in the fun to show support. Kids love to do this because they all have that fancy dress and tux they want to show the class.  Charge a fee for letting them look fancy to school. This will turn out to be a  very beautiful day. It doesn’t require special or stressful planning, just make sure to pass the message across to the parents appropriately.

  1. Movie Time

Get the kids together in school time to do something other than study. They surely will be excited about this. Let the kids watch a good movie with their friends and raise money while at it. Preschool kids won’t mind donating a few dollars to watch a film with their classmates. Don’t leave out the popcorn and juice. Watch the kids excitedly being their parents in on this fun fundraiser. All you need is a movie screen and a popular kids’ movie and you can make some dollars fast.

  1. Games Day

Give the kids a chance to get on the field to play their favorite games. Kids love to enjoy the freedom of being outside and playing with their peers. That’s why game days are an amazing fundraising idea for Preschools.

Charge an admission fee for game participation. Invite parents to cheer up their kids and have simple games designed for them as well. Set up a refreshment stand where they can buy eatables to stay refreshed. Also, set up a donation booth and encourage them to give a general donation.

  1. Bake sale

Baked foods are irresistible. They smell good and taste fresh. Organize a bake sale for preschool kids. Encourage them to tell their parents to come and buy some freshly baked foods. The good thing about bake sales is that it attracts more people than you think. The smell will attract people from the environment and you will end up having a large turnout. Have members of the PTO who have baking skills volunteer for the event.

Danny White