9 Nature Attractions Near Jakarta For Your Weekend Getaway

 9 Nature Attractions Near Jakarta For Your Weekend Getaway


The hustle and bustle of Jakarta may be a bit too much without a rest once in a while.  So why not take a chance to explore nature which isn’t too far from Jakarta, and test out these nine places that will scrape that organic itch while at the same time offering some magnificent picture opportunities.

Gunung Pancar

Found in the ever-growing Region of Sentul is Gunung Pancar.  Everybody could appreciate Cool-weather and local woods, and as soon as you’re finished you may enjoy some wonderful meals in Giuliani’s or visit Jungleland for some fun with the family.

Green Canyon Pangandaran

Pangandaran is well-known for its shore life and nature park, but the true gem is somewhat further off. A brief car journey or bicycle ride may take you to the Green Canyon. Not only are you able to jump to the cool river water, but you might also drift it down with only a life jacket. A wonderful way to experience the local character.

Tanjung Lesung

Just a couple of hours’ car ride from bustling Jakarta plus a brief 30 minutes from Carita, Tanjung Lesung has many scenic beaches in Java. Also, as for the lovely coastal scenery, you like local collections of art and poetry, which the place celebrates.

Ciater natural hot spring

Nestled among tea areas, under a volcano, is Ciater hot springs. Beautiful all-natural environment is accompanied by great clean and staff lodging, which is fantastic for couples searching for somewhere to unwind or families needing to show the kids the neighborhood wildlife.


Lush green paddy fields, tranquil village ambiance, and refreshing breezes are the way you will be welcomed once you input Sawarna.  Found in the region of Banten, another door to Jakarta, it’s a fantastic spot to escape the hustle, heat, and bustle of this major city.

Mount Ciremai National Park

Spread along the bottom of the Mount Ciremai or even Cereme is a federal park that will provide you many chances to enjoy the local character.  If waterfalls, trendy all-natural breezes, and Javanese woods are not sufficient for you, then it is possible to choose the view beneath the mountain.

Water Villas in Pulau Ayer Resort

If you would like to enjoy nature and the creature comforts of the city, attempt the Water Villas in Pulau. Offering all the amenities of a complete resort, it is also possible to enjoy the weather, a spa, and the local character in the region.  Fantastic for recharging the batteries.

This place also gives you the culinary adventure with some garden restaurants, which can put you into some natural feeling.

Kawah Putih

In addition to magnificent beaches with sand of several colors, Java is also famous for its volcanoes.  Among those ancient all-natural wonders is a crater currently full of a gorgeous lake called Kawah Putih. After enjoying the regional websites and taking photos, which everybody will envy you to get, head to the warmer city of Bandung for relaxation and shopping.

Ujung Kulon National Park

Not only can you enjoy the scenery, but also the wildlife as you venture to Ujung Kulon National Park.  Once completed, you can see one of many regional beaches for a swim and then return to one of those prestigious resorts or spas in the region.

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Daniel Donny