Brain Octane Oil: How It Works

 Brain Octane Oil: How It Works

Brain octane oil is a new supplement that is getting popular in reaching the best brain performance every day. Especially for those that are doing intense and demanding tasks, brain octane oil is another way to accomplish these.

The bulletproof brain octane oil contains small amounts of coconut oil. It has 100 percent caprylic acid, a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) that is an easy-to-digest quality fat and with an energizing capacity. It is also capable of putting additional fuels to the cells more efficiently compared to coconut oil. Despite being found in coconut oil, it doesn’t have any coconut after taste. It’s odorlessness and tastelessness makes it ideal for mixing it in favorite foods and drinks. It can combine with salad dressings, sauces, and other marinades as well.

How Brain Octane Oil Works

As mentioned, brain octane oil gives the boost the brain needs to get through the day, due to its ability to become ketone. Fat-burning energy, ketones, can provide an additional increase to the brain because it easily converts the fat into energy. Brain octane oil then offers extra power for the over-all system in the body as well. Brain octane oil also makes the body not feel hungry or experience cravings because it doesn’t break down the glucose from sugar and carbohydrates. With these capacities, brain octane oil contributes to healthier digestion and aid in better functions of the immune system.

Benefits of Brain Octane Oil

Brain octane oil may provide the body these benefits:

  • Supports energy metabolism up to the cellular levels
  • Provides re-balancing the yeast in the gut- the caprylic acid’s fungicidal effects were discovered to be helpful in the gut
  • Helps in minimizing cholesterol levels- because of its metabolism benefits

Another thing that makes brain octane oil a safe supplement is on its packaging. Enclosed in fully recyclable and BPA-free plastic, it doesn’t contain any chemicals that can harm its users and also the environment. It also uses less energy during its creation and transportation process, has a lower carbon footprint, and is less prone to damage than glass.

How to Use Brain Octane Oil

The best way to start the brain octane oil is consuming it on the lowest amount possible, like one teaspoon at a time. Consume additional teaspoons slowly per day up to one or more full serving (up to one tablespoon) daily. Avoid taking this with an empty stomach because it can result in gastric issues.

Brain octane oil is okay to consume any time of the day. Mix it along with favorite drinks like coffee (the famous Bulletproof Coffee), tea, smoothies, and even in some foods like salads.

With the brain octane oil, there is a big guarantee to have a more energized mindset without consuming too much fat is so not that hard to reach anymore. Everyone can now experience more delicious and nutritious foods and drinks with this innovative way to boost the mind and body functioning.

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