Natural stone Flooring- How to Prevent Damages While Cleaning

 Natural stone Flooring- How to Prevent Damages While Cleaning

Stone floors are favorite among many homeowners. They are shiny and are a great way of making your home look more elegant. But, it’s imperative to care for your floor and use the right techniques and products. Whether your natural stone floor is made of slate, marble, or natural limestone, you should be cautious not to cause damages while cleaning. 

Here are tips to help you prevent damages while cleaning:

  1. Use the right cleaning products

Some floors require regular cleaning while others don’t. The type of stone floor and the amount of traffic in your home determines the amount of cleaning needed. Sweep and dust regularly, and clean using a stone soap solution and a clean cloth.

Pick the right products to avoid damage when cleaning. Stones like granite, marble, and limestone are very sensitive to harsh cleaning products, especially if they contain acids. Also, don’t use abrasive cleaning products; they can harm your stone and lower the level of luster on your floor.

  1. Avoid such products and only use ones that are safe for stone surfaces. 

Although many homeowners use vinegar solution for cleaning floors, it is excellent for carpets and fabric surfaces, but not suitable for natural stone flooring. It’s laden with high amounts of acid, and this can cause considerable damage to your stone.

  1. Acquire the right vacuum cleaner

Using the right vacuum cleaner on your floor will help avoid scratches and etching. Choose one designed for hard surfaces or a microfiber broom for clearing dust and any tiny particles before mopping. Moreover, use this broom before polishing your floor, and this will avoid damages on your floor.

  1. Clean spills immediately

 If you live with your kids, you’ll likely deal with spills often. But, don’t let the spills sit on your floor for long. The best way to avoid damages on your flooring is to wipe immediately to prevent stains and discoloration. Use a clean cloth, and if you have to use a detergent, be sure to pick the right product. It’s wise to use a neutral PH detergent or pure soap. 

 Before you clean, put a few pads under the legs of your furniture. If you have plants in the house, place them on a stand or a decorative base. Be keen when watering your plants to avoid spills, which could cause abrasions and abrasions. Moreover, hire an expert to repair any deep scratches on your floor immediately.

  1. Re-polishing

After prolonged use, your stone flooring may begin fading, and it’s good to re-polish it to restore its original glow. If you don’t mind the cost, hire a professional to re-polish your floor, and avoid regular floor wax or shining products. And the reason? These will eliminate the natural shine on your stone.


There are various ways to care for your stone flooring and this doesn’t have to be stressful. Use the right products, wipe spills soon as they happen, and re-polish your floor routinely. By so doing, your floor will remain in perfect condition, and you won’t have to deal with damages.


Danny White