CBD Interactions With Other Drugs & Body Enzymes

 CBD Interactions With Other Drugs & Body Enzymes

Your body treats drugs (which may be significant) in different ways. Some are less effective after treatment and others are ineffective until treatment is complete. Like grapefruit, CBD involves an enzyme (cytochrome p450) that the body uses to treat some medications. Taking CBD with these medications may pose a health risk by increasing or reducing levels of these factors in the bloodstream. If you are currently taking prescription medications – especially warfarin, anti-HIV drugs, antiepileptic drugs, chemotherapy, etc., we recommend that you consult a specialist. This will help you understand potential interactions and how to proceed.

There are complications in the liver. (It may be relevant) This warning is just a guess, but people with liver problems may need to pay attention to taking CBD. During an Epidiolex clinical trial, children taking CBD are more likely to have elevated liver enzymes (AST and ALT aminotransferase). To protect against CBD, all of these children were also taking medications known as liver damage.

Whether CBD directly affects the liver, or whether its interaction with medications (above) enhances blood flow levels from prescribed medications harmful to the liver, is currently unknown. However, for the sake of proper safety, if you have liver problems or are taking hepatic drugs, it is a good idea to monitor liver enzymes when entering CBD into your daily life.

To do. It is also suggested that people with liver damage slowly increase their dose of CBD. They also noted that elevated liver enzymes were primarily observed in children taking the highest dose, with lower doses (up to 680 mg/day in a person weighing 150 lbs) which reduces the risk of developing it.

You have low blood pressure. Several studies (which may be significant) mentioned that CBD lowers blood pressure, which may be a concern for people who are already dealing with low blood pressure. In general, CBD appears to be most effective at lowering blood pressure during stressful events.

This is widely accepted as one of its benefits. However, CBD may temporarily lower blood pressure during rest. If you are suffering from pretty low blood pressure, it is a good idea to monitor the blood pressure when trying new CBD products or improving your dose. Is it the kind that suddenly stands up and becomes a little lighter? Be a bit more careful if you just started with a CBD or if you are taking CBD in high doses.

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