Changes That Affect Passport Renewals in 2020

 Changes That Affect Passport Renewals in 2020

It’s clear that the pandemic has made many vital record filings processes difficult. Governmental regulations have changed in some instances, including the REAL ID deadline that’s been pushed back until October 2021. Since this would have affected passports this year, you won’t have as much to do to be all set with your passport.

In addition, new passports are not being issued by the U.S. government as of March 2020. It is possible to renew your passport by mail and your local passport agency may open soon to accept in-person applications. It’s beneficial to have an agency on your side that does quick passport renewal services and can let you know of any changes or delays for the process.

Important Tips for Getting Your Passport Renewed 

When you’re new to having a passport or have not paid much attention to it, you may miss out on the expiration date for it. This is why it’s crucial that you set an electronic reminder and keep the expiration date of your passport in a database or some other type of system you plan on using for a long while. Take note of this as soon as you get your passport.

If you haven’t done so and recently noticed that it expires soon, reach out to a vital record filings company right away for assistance. Such an agency makes it easier than ever to file an application to renew a passport, submit business documents such as tax forms and seller permits, and conduct other similar tasks.

What to Know Before You Renew a Passport 

It can be confusing to deal with passport formalities. You likely don’t want to jump through hoops with paperwork, contacting the right people, and knowing what documents to have available beforehand. This is only the first part and then comes the waiting game. Cut out the excess and have professionals walk you through the steps. Best of all, you can do this without leaving your home or sending a ton of forms back and forth.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get help every step of the way? This tends to cut down on your wait time for your updated passport since you won’t miss out on a document and have to start all over again. Since typical wait times when going through the government are about 6-8 weeks or 2-3 weeks for expedited services it’s a definite plus.

You may not have known that there are agencies that do the hard work for you with renewing passports. Choose to hire a top-notch company for this service and you won’t regret it.

Danny White