Common Psychological Illnesses: Explained

 Common Psychological Illnesses: Explained


In India, we often ignore our mental health. Psychological disorders refer as the issues develop due to tension and don’t require the observation of a medical expert. This mindset often leads to complicated outcomes, and the minor disorder increases to major and affects the overall health.

There is a wake-up call for every ailment, whether it is physical, mental, or psychological. It is advised to see a suitable doctor before it gets too late. You can easily find psychiatrist in Kolkata or the city you live in.

You can use online consultation services if you are hesitant to see the doctor and discuss your ailments. Technology enables us with the doctor at any time in a day. Take proper consultation, and follow the advice for the recovery.

In this post, we are going to discuss some common psychological ailments.


Unfortunately, people from a young age to older age suffer from depression. There could be various reasons that lead the mind to a state of depression. Financially failure, the problem in career, no job, relationship complications, loss of someone very close are some of the common reasons that lead the person to the clinical depression.

The symptoms are like loss of interest in activities, persistently depression, mood swings, etc.


Anxiety disorder can be quite dangerous at times. This is a mental health condition where a person worries about every minor to major things. The feeling of worry or fear of losing something is so big that it interferes with one’s daily activity.

Anxiety disorder is self-diagnosed. A person’s behaviour towards the various things reflects anxiety disorder.

Bipolar disorder: 

This is another psychological disorder, where the person feels sudden mood swings. One moment, the person feels happy, and other moments there would be a sad feeling. The mood swings can be ranging from depressive low to manic highs.

Continuously facing these confusing emotions make the person annoyed, and s/he can harm themselves.


This is a mental disorder which often associated with the brain’s capacity to register things. At the start, people experience minor symptoms by forgetting small details; later, the heavy dementia attack makes them forget the details about what happened a few seconds ago.

The person who has dementia forgets their family and their identity too. So, it becomes quite difficult for a person to go through this psychological disorder.


There might not be a feeling of pain or wound in the psychological disorders, but the life gets affected equally, as in a physical disease. The person goes through mental agony, often feels helpless to inform their problems.

Meeting a psychiatrist in Kolkata or the city you live in is the best option to tackle the problem. Yoga can be another best option to relax your mind and ease life, but diseases like dementia necessarily required the meditation for the recovery.


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