What Is Rankgainer List & How Is It Beneficial To The Investors?

 What Is Rankgainer List & How Is It Beneficial To The Investors?

What are the Top Gainers?

The NSE (National Stock Exchange) captures the top losers and top gainers under different categories on a real-time basis. The losers and gainers are concerning the previous close price and presented in percentage as well as absolute terms. Top gainers list is indexed from top gainers to least gainers and the top losers list is indexed from top losers to least losers.

Further Classification

To provide a proper comparison of the losers and the gainers, NSE provides a sub-classification of the top gainers and the losers. You can do an index-based search filter of losers and the gainers and see the top losers and top gainers of Nifty 50 index or next 50 medium-sized stocks. Similarly, the rankgainer at https://www.webull.com/quote/rankgainer can be filtered based on their price too. One can filter the stocks above Rs.30 and below Rs.30. There are filters available to see only F&O stocks as there are no circuit filters on such stocks and the ranking can provide important cues for the future.

How to use the list?

There are multiple uses of the list of top losers and top gainers. Some of them are:

  • They provide a quick image of the stock market. We can get a rough idea about which stocks and doing good and which are not. Further, the investor can judge the stock intelligently.
  • They bring us the names of the stocks which have risen or fallen suddenly in the stock market. This information is of huge importance to the investors and can help them decide their plans.
  • The rankgainer list is never used alone. It is clubbed with the volumes. Any loss or gain along with a spurt in the volume is more representative and indicates a deeper or a sharper trend. This information is useful for an investor as it indicates that movement is better.
  • These lists provide the mirror for any kind of important news updates you might have missed. These often act as lead indicators of the news of the market.

These top gainers and top losers lists are captured on a real-time basis. This means just when there’s some change in any of the stock’s price of bulls trade , the list is updated at the same time. However, if you wish to see the gainers and the losers in a specific time interval, there are filters available for that too. You can see daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly top gainers and top losers. These lists provide a better long term direction. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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