Features & Benefits of Dell PowerEdge R340

 Features & Benefits of Dell PowerEdge R340

Dell PowerEdge R340 is a one-socket rack server formulated for businesses working from distant locations through their branches or with workers functioning remotely. Its heightened performance makes it a highly appealing source. Authorizing control over your firm’s IT operations, managing systems is now easier than ever. Let’s take a look at some of its outstanding features and scope in the industry:


  • One can pick from 4-, 6- or 8- core Intel with Xeon E-2200 processor.
  • Multi-vector cooling system that ensures a continual flow of air within the server.
  • Eight 2.5″ hot-plug HDDs or four 3.5″ hot-plug HDDs for raised data progression.
  • Four DDR4 DIMMs with a maximum of 64GB of RAM for dealing with data administration.


·       Scalability

With Dell PowerEdge R340 deals with 72% less IT related issues with automated and predictive tech-based features like Pro support plus and Support assist, with their services being renowned all over the world, it extends on-point system management and grievance redressal. With lowered efforts, one can relish increased management and productivity in their business operations with no hassles. With numerous software built-in, it services endless solutions to keep the business flourishing.

·       Extended Storage and Network

It leverages your performance by encouraging you to do more with less hardware, the storage capacity delivers excellence with the ability to meet your work requirements. Dell PowerEdge R340 with the engagement of modern technology has advanced with features like Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS), algorithms to compress data or eliminate duplicate data. This ensures optimized usage of storage space without falling short of it. One can also modify its network infrastructure based on their preferences with credible networking solutions.

·       Advancing IT Segment

As mentioned above, its IT infrastructure stimulates minimal issues with maximized comfort and performance. It further enables collaborating the services with the potential to access it from any location and at any given time. It transforms the way your IT segment works with solutions like Prodeploy with expert services intact, Pro support with account management, and assured tech performance. It’s intelligently established networks function with the proficiency to better your business administration.

Now that we have viewed some of its features and benefits, it won’t be incorrect to state that Dell PowerEdge R340 is a distinguished and leading server in the industry aiding businesses take their operations to another stance with lowered efforts and highly retained services coming from the experts. The network, storage, and accessibility are some of its outstanding characteristics.

Daniel Donny