Get Ready To Fly As A Flight Attendant!

 Get Ready To Fly As A Flight Attendant!

The job of the cabin crew is appealing and exciting to people not only for the fact that it would take you to various places but also because it offers a handsome salary and the job itself is quite interesting. However, it is more than attending to the passengers and ensuring their comfort. You need to have a number of skills to become a flight attendant. 

To master soft skills like management, leadership, risk management, or communication skills, you can look for online and offline flight attendant courses (คอร์ส แอร์ โฮสเตส, which is the term in Thai). These courses will help you to shorten the training period with the particular airline that would hire you and also prepare you to step into the industry. Soft skills are extremely crucial in getting hired by an airline. Scarce knowledge in aviation may be recovered but lack of communication skills, problem-solving skills, or managing capability would be counted as major drawbacks. 

Step-To-Step Guide Of Becoming A Flight Attendant

Are you planning to fly high as a flight attendant? If yes, you would need to get qualified to get hired by an airline. Let us look into the steps.

  • Get Hired By An Airline: Apply for a cabin crew position to an airline. Some airlines accept candidates with a high school certificate and some require a bachelor’s degree preferably in tourism, hospitality, etc. It would be a plus point if you have experience in these sectors. You have to be physically fit and well-maintained to get hired. Exercise regularly, and stay bold. You may need to face multiple interviews to let the employer understand your potential and qualities. 
  • Complete The Training Program By The Airlines: If you have done flight attendant courses prior, this can reduce the training time. The training can be paid or unpaid and for three to six weeks. You’ll learn A to Z about how to serve your job duties and act in an emergency to gradually prepare yourself as a cabin crew.
  • Get A Certificate: Now is the turn to get a certificate. The airlines apply for a Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency from the FAA. Once the organization confirms your eligibility, you can start working. To update the certificate, you would need to attend annual training.
  • Get Ready: Yes, you are all set to fly high as a cabin crew!

Consider doing an online flight attendant course to get hired more easily and prepare yourself for the job. What are you waiting for? Plan your flight attendant career and start working on it today!

Danny White