Hard seltzer can make you experience alcoholic lash without addition of calories

 Hard seltzer can make you experience alcoholic lash without addition of calories

Light beer was the only way to make the mood of a day party a few beer back in the states. The trend has however been changed by seltzer water. No, don’t be disappointed. It’s not just sparkling water as its name suggests. In the past few years the market of hard seltzer drink has grown tremendously.

It is said to be a healthier and low carbohydrate version of sparkling water, natural flavours, and sugarcane or barley derived alcoholic content. This is the reason why it has seen so much popularity among the masses in such a less amount of time. Every company that was once producing beer have added hard seltzer to their product list.

Seltzer Nation is one of those market places where you can find hard seltzer in multiple different flavours that can give that alcoholic lash in amazing refreshing flavours and low caloric profile. You can read hard seltzer reviews on their website and know how popular it is among their customers.

Is hard seltzer really healthy?

It is said that consuming hard seltzer is a much healthier way to experience alcohol and is much cleaner than other alcoholic spirits. This is because of:

  • It is much lower in calories owing to its very high water content.
  • The flavouring agent used in these drinks is natural and almost calorie free.
  • Unlike other alcoholic spirits like vodka and beer, its carbohydrate content is extremely low.

It is also popular because of the wide array of flavours available in the market and people with all kind of taste palates find it very easy to consume.

However, if you are looking to completely withdraw yourself from any form of alcoholic consumption; hard seltzer is not for you. It is metabolized in our liver in the same way as any other alcohol and must be consumed in moderation if you are really looking to it in a healthier way.

Daniel Donny