Healthy habits: Hand hygiene hacks

 Healthy habits: Hand hygiene hacks

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Before the pandemic, not everyone fully considered washing hands regularly. Hand hygiene is the top of people’s agenda. Scrubbing your hands regularly whenever you touch any surface is one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs and avoid getting sick. If you don’t have access to soap and water, medical experts recommend the use of hand sanitizer as a way to keep them clean.   

There is a difference when you wash your hands with soap or scrub them with a hand sanitizer. The best option is to use soap and water as it removes all the germs permanently. Whereas, sanitizers can only help to stop the spread of germs. 

Let’s get to know hand hygiene hacks when you do hand wash with soap and water: 

  • 20-seconds hand wash hacks: Hand wash should last for at least 20 seconds. First, you need to wet your hands with water and lather it with soap. Make sure you rub the soap between your fingers, wrists, around nails, and especially your thumb. Usually, we don’t wash our hands in a disciplinary way, and the germs can stay on our hands. For 20 seconds, you can sing a small song or keep a count by following a proper handwashing technique. – can be written in better English?
  • Keep your nails short: Hand hygiene doesn’t stop at washing hands. Your nails also attract dirt and other pathogens that can go into your stomach while eating food, thus making you sick. To avoid this, keep your nail short, and don’t forget to scrub them to remove the dirt while washing hands.-  can be written in better English?
  • Apply lotion after wash: One of the secrets of healthy skin is the application of lotion. The coronavirus has compelled many of us to wash hands frequently. Doing this now and then can make the skin dry. Don’t forget to apply lotion after every wash.  

If you’re sanitizing your hands with a sanitizer, below are some of the hand hygiene hacks: 

  • Choose an alcohol-free sanitizer: Buy hand sanitizer which is alcohol-free. Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers are known to make the skin dry. You can choose a good hand rub like the one offered by Dr Rhazes Germ Hand Kill Gel. This product is alcohol-free, keeps your skin supple, and promises to kill 99.9% germs. 
  • Rub until it dries: When you take a decent amount of sanitizer on your palm, make sure you vigorously rub on your hands and follow the same hand wash technique. Rub it in between your fingers so that you stay protected against the viruses and pathogens. 

Washing your hands is a good way to stop the spread of infectious diseases. If soap and water are not available, make sure you always buy hand sanitizer that is gentle for your skin.


Paul Petersen