How Shy People Can Strike Conversation with Strangers?

 How Shy People Can Strike Conversation with Strangers?


Shy people participate less in conversation because they may be struggling with a social anxiety disorder. Some people are so comfortable in communicating that they hardly feel any nervousness in initiating a chat with strangers. They feel glad that they communicated and even the unknown person responding finds them interesting. However, talking to a stranger is difficult as you don’t know about them. It is not as easy as talking to your parents or your friends or your partner. 

Awful things can happen if you go into conversation with unknown people…….

  • The other person may shut down or talk too much.
  • The environment can turn out to be boring.
  • There can be an uncomfortable silence.
  • They can even hurt you with words.

To start interacting with strangers, always remember that the meaningful conversation matters. Every person needs to be accepted or liked by others. Communication is a great mood booster like interacting with a stranger on the bus or the elevator can reduce the whole day’s stress. 

Despite the unsure footing and awkward pauses, communicating with unknown people is good. You can read interesting discussions on about how to start a quality conversation with stranger. It is a discussion platform, where fascinating ideas are published and discussed. Get registered!

There are times when you are new to a job or someone just joined the workplace. Communication helps to connect with them. You need to overcome the main social skill that is ‘Communication’. Lack of interaction will make you look unfriendly. 

Worry less and be bold

It is uncomfortable, but be bold and do it. Never allow anxiety to hold you back in talking with new people. The person may be different but it can turn out to be an interesting and enlightening experience. Mental capacity and language influence interactions in the social world. 

Show curiosity or say complimentary words

A question opens a door to communication and even helps to keep it going. Ask questions……everyone has something unique like a unique tattoo, bold jewelry, an awesome shirt, etc. They speak a lot about the wearer, so compliment them. You get a kick start to interact. 

  • “Nice Tattoo, is it a Yoda?”
  • “Cool, is it the Rolex Oyster?”
  • “Is that a Gucci, Wow?”

After receiving a response, say something that offers a common platform, where communication gets built and you connect. Ensure to share little personal things to build a conversation. 

  • “I adore tattoos but am afraid of the pain. Did you feel the pain”?
  • “My father was a real Rolex fan. He gave me the first Rolex watch on my 12th birthday”
  • “I saw a Gucci somewhat similar to yours in Shoans Boutique last week”

Such answers will allow you to connect and keep the conversation moving. The goal first is to open doors for building communication. Concentrating on the stranger will make them feel good and you can get past the awkwardness.

Never get tripped with awkward moments

“I have seen you someplace” is a classic, which works at times. “You look familiar; I feel I saw you somewhere?” You can easily gather information and keep the conversation moving. Some may even think or say aloud, “Are you crazy?” Soon, they get past and start realizing that you are being friendly. The goal here is not to look for answers about whether you met the person in the past but to start a conversation and build a rapport. 

With time and practice, your confidence grows and you start enjoying a conversation with anyone with ease!

Paul Petersen