Which Is Better: Calf Hide or Cowhide?

Animal hides never go out of fashion. There is a lot of similarities between cowhides and the hides of other animals. When you set out to buy a hide sourced from a cow, you may get a little confused about which one you should go for and whether to choose a cowhide or a calf hide. It’s best to know the difference between a cowhide and a calf hide and the pros and cons of each, in order to understand which is better for you. 


Cowhide is sourced from fully grown cows. The hide of the cow is loose and it’s very soft. The hide can be stretched to an extent and the weight of the cowhide is less than the weight of a bull hide. 

Pros of cowhide 

These are the following pros of cowhide:

  • Cowhides are light in weight and durable in nature 
  • Cowhides are sourced from cows that have fully grown and are then sent to market 
  • Cowhides can be obtained directly from online stores 
  • Cowhides are available in different colours and patterns 

Cons of cowhide:

These are the following cons of cowhide:

  • Some cowhides can have scars and other kinds of damage 
  • Cowhides need to be treated with some care 

Calf Hide 

As the name suggests, the hide sourced from a calf is known as a calf hide. A calf hide is stiffer compared to a real cowhide. 

Pros of calf hide

The following are the pros of calf hide:

  • Calf hide is very soft to touch and the texture is very smooth 
  • The best part of a calf hide is it’s uniqueness 
  • Calf hide can be made into a variety of items 

Cons of calf hide

The following are the cons of calf hide:

  • Calf hides are more expensive compared to cowhides 
  • Calf hides are more prone to damage 

On consideration of all of the above factors, one can say, that it is really a personal choice on which a person would prefer. Some people like cowhide and some calf hide. 

Clare Louise